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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • CHF 25.-27 taken

    Free Entryä

    You get a free ticket for an event of your choice at Atlantis and we celebrate together to real live music ❤

  • CHF 50.-143 taken

    Beautiful Eveningä

    At an event of your choice, you and your escort will come to Atlantis for free (two free tickets) and we will toast with a glass of Prosecco ❤

  • CHF 150.-56 taken

    Concert Loverä

    Dance the nights away with 5 free tickets for events of your choice and in addition our monthly event program will flutter into your mailbox.❤

  • CHF 300.-22 taken

    Wild Partyä

    With 5 free tickets and 10 drink vouchers you can celebrate with your friends all night long - you are not lacking anything. ❤

  • CHF 800.-7 / 56 taken


    Your name immortalized on a chair in Atlantis - nobly engraved on metal. With 4 free tickets for events of your choice you can proudly show your chair to your friends. A portion of tasty bar snacks and prosecco for the whole group will be added on top. ❤

  • CHF 2’000.-1 / 28 taken

    Rockstar At The Tableä

    Your name immortalized on a table in Atlantis - nobly engraved on metal. You and three friends will be treated to dinner before the concert. With 4 free tickets for events of your choice and prosecco for the whole round you will have a fantastic night. ❤

  • CHF 3’500.-1 taken

    Alligator Clubä

    An annual membership in the Atlantis Alligator Club with countless exclusive benefits. Free entrance to ALL of our own events without queuing, your own zone in the -tis with direct view to the stage, right of first purchase for the «Schnitzelbängg-Ööbe», Groove Now and Offbeat events and much more.❤ All information about the Alligator Club at

  • CHF 15’000.-0 taken

    Event Managerä

    Ideal as a banquet, staff or customer event: Be a partner of your chosen event at Atlantis! The gallery is yours and the aperitif for your guests is free. As a business you will also have a strong presence and benefit from the radiance of the act.❤