Rescue Livemusic At Atlantis

by Verein Förderkreis


Due to the Corona pandemic we had to cancel all events until further notice and are left without income, but with many costs. Be there for us, so that we can be there for you again.

CHF 44’916

106% of CHF 42’300

106 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/5/2020

Live music at the legendary Atlantis

By decision of the Swiss Federal Council, all leisure facilities in Switzerland were temporarily closed in order to control the corona pandemic. We had to cancel all our events until further notice and are left with no income. Income that we need for our wage costs and for the coming season from September onwards to book acts, pay fees, hotels and transport. The government has promised help, but we can’t do it without you! Be there for us, so that we can be there for you again soon.

Credits are a burden for us! We would like to find a sustainable solution - and give you something in return.

We had to cancel or postpone about 70 events! The amount of damage amounts to about CHF 163’300.00

We can reach these milestones together:

  • CHF 42’300: Personnel costs covered ❤

  • CHF 76’800: «Jazzmatizz» - every Tuesday Jazz at Atlantis saved ❤

  • CHF 111’500: «Blues&Beyond» - every Wednesday Blues at Atlantis saved ❤


For real music and a lot of culture in Basel

We from the association FOER are supporters of cultural life! We support individual talents and young bands but we are equally committed to ensuring that big acts can be accessible to everyone!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the entrance is free of charge, nevertheless we don’t just pay a collective to the artists, but a fixed amount of money.

We generally keep ticket prices low and work together with great partners like the Kulturlegi. We have partnerships with Jazzcampus Basel, with the Blues Festival, with Offbeat and with Groove Now.

We want to achieve it together with you

Since the beginning of 2019, the Atlantis has again become what it stood for decades: a cultural venue for music that is as real as it gets! Five times a week during the concert season, we from the completely privately funded cultural operator FOER (Verein Förderkreis Kultur- und Sozialprojekte) bring the best that the world of jazz, blues, rock and funk has to offer to the stage of the legendary «-tis».