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  • CHF 15.-7 taken

    Totebag Show-meä

    A black canvas bag with the Show-me logo. Support us while you walk !

  • CHF 40.-1 taken

    1 pass + 1 drinkä

    A welcome free drink when you come and discover the Show-me artists. Order your pass and join us at the Moods club in Zurich on 24th & 25th January 2020. Doors open at 8:00 pm.

  • CHF 50.-7 taken

    2 bottles of wine «Show-me»ä

    Come and raise a glass to Show-me! Order two bottles of the «Cuvée des Amis de Show-me» wine: a red (Entre 2 Digues - 2018) and white (Blonnaisses - 2018) Epesses, made by the Cully winemaker Mélanie Weber. These are exclusive bottles thanks to the labels specially created by the artists Noyau and Alex. A must have.

  • CHF 85.-2 / 30 taken

    1 pass + 2 wines + totebagä

    A welcome free drink if you opt for the global pass and come to the festival on 24th & 25th January 2020 at the Moods club in Zurich. Plus, you will leave with two bottles of Epesses «Cuvée des Amis de Show-me» wine made by Melanie Weber with exclusive labels designed by Noyau and Alex, as well as a canvas Show-me bag. Make a toast to the new independent music scene!

  • CHF 130.-6 taken

    1 box of wine ä

    Order your box of 6 bottles of Epesses «Cuvée des Amis de Show-me». wine (3 x white «Blonnaisses 2018» , 3 x red «Entre 2 Digues 2018»), This offer is exclusively reserved for Swiss residents and those participating in Show-me, January 2020.

  • CHF 150.-4 / 25 taken

    A drawing sign by Noyauä

    French press cartoonist Noyau (Yves Nussbaum) is well known in French-speaking Switzerland (Vibrations Magazine) and in the German-speaking part (Tages Anzeiger). He is also the author of books and comics. Passionate about the details of the human body and everyday life, he has designed a special series of Show-me Inkjet prints (professional photo finishing solution) in a limited edition of 25 numbered copies, individually signed by the author (size: A3).

  • CHF 700.-1 / 5 taken

    Dida Guigan private concert ä

    Are you planning an original birthday party? Are you a fan of intimate concerts? Why not book Dida Guigan to come and perform for you? Born in Beirut and raised in Switzerland, Dida Guigan sings in French, English and Arabic – her magic lies in all the different languages and cultures that she represents. She comes along with her electric piano and percussion.

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Blick Bassy private concertä

    Not just one of the two pillars of Show-me, Blick Bassy is above all a versatile artist, singer, musician and writer. Discover his world and meet this original personality by booking him for an exclusive private event.