This is what it's all about.

Today, a large number of musicians operate in the Do It Yourself mode. However, at a certain stage, it is often difficult for them to develop their careers internationally. Show-me is the first digital live music forum dedicated to self-entrepreneur artists in solo and duo format. It takes place in Zurich at the legendary Moods club from 24th-26th January 2020 and will be fully filmed and broadcast live. It features the showcases of 10 of the best DIY artists of the moment, selected this summer via an online competition. Show-me also serves to connect these new independent artists with specially invited professionals who will inform and coach them. Lastly, Show-me offers a collective music writing exercise in a professional studio that helps the musicians to forge contacts and practice group collaboration.


The goals of Show-me

Today, getting into the music business independently is full of constraints and difficulties. Show-me was created to allow these entrepreneurial artists to be seen and heard in the flesh by music business specialists, as well as online. Show-me also offers them several useful tools. At the end of the event, each nominee will go home with: a booking date at a festival or club, the filming and broadcast of their showcase in HD, a series of quality photographs, advice from programmers, bookers and other music business professionals, and lastly, the chance to make a studio recording.


How your support can help

By supporting us, you are helping the independent music scene stay afloat and flourish. For this project to happen, there are a lot of logistical costs to meet: accommodation, transport, administration and IT. Some artists are travelling from as far afield as South Africa. Last year, during the first edition of Show-me, some nominated artists were able to launch their careers after their participation. Help us make this dream come true today by helping to fund the second edition of Show-me and come to discover these new young talents in Zurich!

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