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  • EUR 20.-7 taken

    Art Cardsä

    You will receive beautiful, fine art cards from our artist and graphic designer Laura Sperl - a collaboration with her artist colleague Elena Kristofor Photography and Collage

  • EUR 25.-1 / 3 taken

    Black.Brown .White-movieä

    You will receive the beautiful feature film signed DVD by Erwin Wagenhofer.
    Drama - 107 min
    The trucker Don Pedro drags the African woman Jackie and her son illegally to Europe. In the process, he falls in love with her and becomes entangled in ever greater problems.

  • EUR 25.-5 / 5 taken


    You will receive a hand-signed DVD of Erwin Wagenhofer's last film
    BUT BEAUTIFUL - nothing exists independently
    BUT BEAUTIFUL focuses on people for whom unity is the essential impulse for a successful life.
    A film against fear and for the courage to change.

  • EUR 25.-2 / 10 taken

    Haydn Quartetä

    You will receive a CD of the Haydn-Quartett
    Haydn's late string quartets

  • EUR 25.-29 taken

    Music Movieä

    You will receive an environmentally friendly streaming link, and can watch and enjoy in the comfort of your home, the poetic musical film, alone or with your friends, loved ones
    .....anytime and over and over again- have fun!

  • EUR 30.-2 / 2 taken

    Book by Bertrand Sternä

    Book Bertrand Stern
    You will receive your signed book by Bertrand Stern
    «SEED OF FREEDOM - Impulses for flourishing educational landscapes. A speech from the future»

  • EUR 30.-1 / 2 taken

    Gabriel -Book Bertrand ä

    Book Bertrand Stern
    You will receive a signed book by Bertrand Stern the first son of Arno Stern. He is a philosopher and very much in the background
    here his webside:

    Gabriel - from the discovery of a happily liberated life -Softcvover

  • EUR 30.-4 / 10 taken

    Book from André Sternä

    Book Play by André
    You will receive your autographed book from André Stern, son of Arno and ambassador of the children

    Play to learn to feel and to live

  • EUR 30.-1 / 10 taken

    Book Enthusiasm by Andréä

    Book Enthusiasm by André
    You will receive a signed book by André Stern
    Enthusiasm- Rediscover the energy of childhood.

  • EUR 30.-3 / 5 taken

    Rhythmen & Rituals by Andréä

    Book André Stern Rhythms...
    You will receive an autographed book by André Stern his latest work: «The rhythms and rituals of our children» - Of the wealth that comes from within

  • EUR 30.-2 taken


    Painting place visit
    You always wanted to visit a Malort? Here you have the opportunity to talk to an experienced Malort servant and familiarize yourself with a Malort in Vienna.

  • EUR 30.-16 / 16 taken

    New book by André Sternä

    You will receive the latest book by André Stern: «A Journey into the Unknown Land of Trust» will be published on 11.4.2022 - signed by hand, of course!

  • EUR 35.-5 / 5 taken

    Book «The Painting Place»ä

    You will receive a signed book by Arno Stern «Der Malort».

  • EUR 40.-2 / 10 taken


    Lecture painting place
    from the Viennese lecture series "Encounter with the Natural Trace

    Part1, DVD1, running time 48 min

    «The history of the origin of the painting place - the findings of the incomparable trace».

    We have all been brought up to be reasonable, to be half-full people, and strive for an artificial compensation for what is repressed in our being.
    But it need not be an artificial one at all, for that which has long been waiting in the hidden depths needs only a detached impulse to be enlivened.
    Spontaneous expression abilities must be revived, so that the unspeakable gives birth. The painting place serves this purpose. But it was not erected with the intention of producing such a unique
    such a unique expression. It was created only from a practical consideration, and its consequences happened and appeared in all their importance and uniqueness.

    Here you will visit the Malort Wien in the 16th district and get a 48-minute film about Arno Stern's research work, which was recorded during a training seminar. The Malort serving Sigrid is available and gladly answers your questions and tells from her experience of many years. The experience lasts about 2 hours. The date takes place in June. Afterwards networking and exchange.

  • EUR 50.-5 / 4 taken

    Candle-Light Dinnerä

    You will receive a candlelight dinner with Silvia-Faye and Teresa very personally and privately at home you will be spoiled with a delicious three-course menu and can get to know the two women closer, learn what moves them, inspires, saddens, touches, laughs and-or brings to tears and much more and why they are Arno Stern fans and have brought the project to life.

  • EUR 50.-1 taken

    Film - Plakatä

    Du erhältst ein Filmplakat von unserem Projekt - und hast eine wunderbare Erinnerung an den durch dich möglich gemachten Erfolg unseres Projektes!

  • EUR 50.-2 / 3 taken

    Promotional videoä

    You will receive from our youngest team member Marie-Aurora 13 ! a promotional video for your website, your company, for your family, friends....

  • EUR 60.-0 / 2 taken

    Workshop with André Sternä

    Workshop with André Stern
    You get a place at the new workshop of André Stern
    live and online 3 h
    A journey into the unknown land of trust. Due to the long time of forced retreat we have worked out new topics: e.g. Music in Pedagogy, The Liberation of Gender, The Role of Praise and Blame in Childhood......
    In this workshop in a small setting you will have plenty of time to ask your questions.

  • EUR 60.-0 / 10 taken

    3 CD packageä

    3 CD package
    You will receive 3 high quality CD's from the Haydn Quartet:
    look forward to the highest listening pleasure
    1. Haydn's late string quartets
    2. Haydn's influence on Schubert and Mozart
    3. Carl Goldmark

  • EUR 60.-4 / 4 taken

    Music lessonä

    You get one hour of free music making with a professional musician, experience music making without pressure, improvising, or try your hand on a guitar, ukulele or violin.

  • EUR 80.-1 taken

    Rehearsal w. Stella Quartettä

    Rehearsal with Stella Quartett
    You have the unique chance to participate in the rehearsals of the Stella Quartet. Experience the musicians at first hand as they work on and play the great fugue op.133 in B-flat major. Afterwards you can talk with them.

  • EUR 80.-1 / 30 taken

    A mixed setä

    You will receive a potpourri from our artists, a personalized surprise package e.g. a book, a CD-with classical works played by our musicians in different combinations of their trios and quartets e.g. Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert ..... a picture, a poem, a concert ticket...just let yourself be surprised

  • EUR 80.-0 taken

    Image Beethovenä

    You will receive a high quality copy of the portrait of Beethoven, painted by the artist Luís Morais
    Technique: graphite, charcoal, pencil

  • EUR 80.-3 taken

    Image Arno Sternä

    You will receive a high quality copy of the painted artwork by artist Luís Morais the portrait of Arno Stern,
    Technique: graphite, charcoal, pencil

  • EUR 100.-0 / 10 taken


    Du wirst einen musikalischen, stimmungsvollen Abend am Land in der Natur mit Lagerfeuer und guten Essen erleben. Wir werden einen Termin im Sommer finden, wo wir versuchen werden alle vom Projekt zusammen zu trommeln. Hier kannst du alle Behind the Scene Erlebnisse und Eindrücke erfahren. Das Leben feiern und geniessen
    mit den Künstlern und InitiatorInnen des Projektes. Let's rock the Party!

  • EUR 120.-0 / 2 taken

    Conversation ä

    You always wanted to meet the first son of Arno Stern? Talk to the great philosopher, Bertrand Stern who has published numerous books, then you have made exactly the right choice here. Per zoom online 1 h philosophize

  • EUR 120.-6 / 20 taken

    Behind the scenesä

    You get a look or several.... behind the scenes of the recording studio. You always wanted to visit a recording studio and experience what happens here? Then this is the right crowd for you. A visit of min.2 h in the highvibe - recording studio with Sebastian David, our best technician, with the finest ear!

  • EUR 120.-3 / 5 taken


    You will receive a one-to-one talk with Arno Stern.

  • EUR 200.-1 / 1 taken

    Conversation with Arnoä

    You get the unique opportunity to ask very personal questions with Arno.

  • EUR 200.-0 taken

    Congratulations greetingä

    Immortalize yourself in the music film. You send us a short, max. 1-minute video greeting message for Arno Stern's birthday and we include it in the film.

  • EUR 500.-2 / 5 taken

    Film shootingä

    You will be live on location at the film shoot in the Beethoven Museum in Vienna - experience the concert and have the opportunity to talk to the musicians and the filmmaker after work.

  • EUR 700.-0 / 1 taken


    Du erhältst ein Jahr malen im Malort bei Sigrid Haubenberger -Lamprecht in Wien- seit über 12 Jahren eine erfahrene Malort Dienende. Start im Herbst zum neuen Zyklus, mehr Infos findest du hier

  • EUR 4.600.-1 / 1 taken

    Training seminar Malortä

    You will receive an actual training place at Arno Stern's Malort training, possible in German or French.
    You will be trained as a Malort servant. Freely selectable time.

  • EUR 8.000.-0 taken

    Main sponsorä

    You are the main sponsor and will be involved in the project & film.