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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 28.- ZOOM (ZOOM ZANG) Open Bar! 3 takenä

    If you are far away and you still want to support us ...
    For you: virtual tour during the pre-opening stage via ZOOM.

    «Laisse-moi zoom zoom zang, dans ton bar bar bar» (yes that's a reference to a French Rap song, sorry!)...
    A «virtual open bar» but with your own CANONS, because this year will have at least taught us that an apéro with your friends can also be done behind your screen from your living room.

    Summary: a pre-opening ZOOM site preview + a free drink on your first physical visit + our everlasting gratitude

  • CHF 28.- STREET CELLAR'S CAP! 2 takenä

    It’s almost Christmas so we’re adding our great STREET CELLAR cap to our rewards! Great gift to offer or to make to yourself :) «CALL 9 WINE WINE»!

  • CHF 58.- Intro «CANONS» ! 47 takenä

    «Mic check 1,2» ... We introduce you to STREET CELLAR by offering you 12 glasses of wine for 1 year (selected by the STREET CELLAR Clique)!

    Summary: a voucher for 12 glasses of wine from our selection valid for 1 year

  • CHF 98.- The B.I.G. «CANON» 28 takenä

    «It was all a dream»: receive a 3 liter bottle from one of our winemaker friends and support our project!
    Promise, it's a BIG CANON!

    Summary: 1 jeroboam of wine selected by and for STREET CELLAR to come and collect on site

  • CHF 148.- HOT CANONS! (-20%/1 year) 11 takenä

    "Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot,
    Pop it like it’s cool, pop it like it’s cool, pop it like it's cool"

    A 20% discount on ALL wines by the glass for 1 year! How cool is it to discover the house gradually?

    Summary: a 20% discount on all wines by the glass at STREET CELLAR valid for 1 year

  • CHF 198.- No BLABLA just GLOUGLOU! 8 takenä

    We invite you with the favorite member of your Clique to a wine initiation with our expert in the field! A structured initiation without fuss, you leave less ... thirsty, a little more knowledgeable and with the smile, promised!

    Summary: an on-site wine initiation course (without a spittoon), 2 hours with our certified expert, with a person of your choice + small «gueuletons» to soak up

  • CHF 228.- Home-coming Canons! 9 takenä

    Your bottle to take away every month for 1 year - tasted, selected and chosen with love (lots of love) by the STREET CELLAR Clique!
    Play it like Kanye - «Do you think about me now and then ... Cause I'm coming home again» with my bottle!

    Summary: come and fill your STREET CELLAR refillable bottle every month for 1 year (x 12)

  • CHF 248.- B.O.S.S. OF THE CANONS 8 takenä

    Welcome to the CANON Shop!

    « I'll take you to the canon shop, want one taste of what I got? »
    With your card, kick off your own «Happy Hour» anytime for your Clique and for you, 12 times / for 1 year.

    Summary: selection from the beverage menu at GREAT prices for 1 hour, when you want, for you and your Clique - 12 times and valid for 1 year

  • CHF 988.- The BOSS' Night! 2 takenä

    A culinary and wine delight evening… BIM BAM BANG BOOOOOM! We are preparing a big program for you and 7 other members of your Clique! So yes, we do expect that one day we can once again be 8 together at the same table… Should it last, we'll prepare 2 tables of 4 for you!
    WARNING: you may roll like our barrels on your way out!

    Summary: a dinner for 8 in 6 verses, from aperitif to digestive with the our STREET touch!

  • CHF 8’888.- MY CLIQUE X STREET CELLAR 2 takenä

    «Ain't nobody fresher than my Clique»

    50 yes 50!
    We privatize the place, invite your Clique and it's a CANONS & GUEULETONS evening at STREET CELLAR!
    .... Yes we are optimistic to say that we will soon be able to party again all together standing in a bar «like the ceiling can't hold us!»

    Summary: the venue's privatization for a whole evening for 50 people, cocktail dinner, drinks, music and surprises… BOOOOOOOM!

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