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  • EUR 15.-11 taken

    Love at First Sightä

    Be the one to fall in love with the videos of our productions ahead of the rest of the mortals! A lovely VIP link to all three screenings will land into your mailbox a week ahead of everyone else.

  • EUR 35.-9 taken

    Tears of Joyä

    A ticket for a live performance of your choosing + a VIP link to all three video productions + a flask of Zvonko’s Tears, a highly potent nectar made by Marko’s uncle that will make you cry out in extasy

  • EUR 50.-3 taken

    Marko Ferlan Superstarä

    The number of bands of our Marko Ferlan almost exceeds the number of instruments he can play. Surprise yourself with two different albums of his, and we will add a ticket for a live Synesthetic performance of your choosing to the mix!

  • EUR 70.-4 taken

    Ready for the Beachä

    Show off your support! Sunbathe as the coolest whale on the beach on a towel with a Synesthetic Project print (made by our illustrator Peter Ferlan).

  • EUR 100.-4 taken

    A Dinner to Rememberä

    Get two tickets for a show of your choosing + bring your date to Nika and Marko's place for a dinner with lots of tasty food, good music and chats about the arts, philosophy, gravity and the meaning of life with the Synesthetic Project crew!

  • EUR 150.-1 taken

    The Patronä

    A First Row Ticket to a show of Your choosing + a glass of champagne with the performers after the show + You will be officially mentioned as a patron of Synesthetic Project in each and every booklet and Facebook event for the course of the Synesthetic Tour, as well as in all the video credits.

  • EUR 500.-1 taken

    Un Concerto Privatoä

    The world famous Duo Bauman Ferlan will hold a private concert just for You and Your friends! A one-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy this duo whose performances are the stuff of legend.

  • EUR 3.000.-0 taken

    Synestheticus Fantasticusä

    Truly fantastic! You are hereby supporting a whole performance of Synesthetic Project and have the absolute right to choose who gets to see it. Is it just you? Is it only your friends? Or is it everyone except that one person you hate bumping into at cultural gatherings? We don't judge, you are still fantastic!