Synesthetic Project: Tour

by Nika Bauman


Synesthetic Project is taking it’s three productions on a tour as well as on video! Grab a ticket for a live performance (at last) and help us bring our shows online for those who can’t.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 7/7/2021

Three productions, six performances, three videos

Synesthetic Project is a multidisciplinary ensemble lead by the Vienna-based flutist Nika Bauman. We are an international cast of musicians, dancers, animators and videographers molded into specific formations depending on the project. Through an interplay of music, dance and video, we explore concepts and tell stories of diversity, understanding, tolerance, communication, of mutual giving and receiving. The past year has been hard on the performing arts, but we have emerged from the winter sleep with three productions ready for the road: Itinerant, Decameron 2.0 and LUX! We have scheduled performances for June, September and October in Vienna, Innsbruck and Zagreb. However, since the number of people in the audience is limited, and the times remain uncertain, we have also decided to record all three productions on video and release them online for everyone to enjoy!

The pieces

Dive into the world of travellers with «Itinerant», contemplate the quarantine through «Decameron 2.0» and battle the darkness with the light of «LUX»! With a playfull cast of musicians, dancers and multimedia artists, our pieces provoke thought, sympathy, sometimes confusion… but above all, joy. We aren’t afraid to cross boundaries of genre, media and physical strength in order to share our stories and our love with the audience.

Live shows

Vienna: June 17th (Decameron 2.0) September 25th (Itinerant) October 30th (LUX)

Zagreb: September 4th&5th (Itinerant)

Innsbruck: September 28th (Itinerant)

The travel, the recording, the tests!

In order to record the pieces professionally and have them contain the excitement of a live performance as well as the aesthetics of a movie, we have joined forces with the fabulous Austrian filmmaker Fabian Krempus and his production company KRAEMPUS. Your contribution will help us cover the lacking funds for the video production, as well as the costs of the tour: travel, accommodation, rehearsal room rents, antigen tests and so on.