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Back the project «Synesthetic Project: Video»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 5 Synesthetic Stickers 5 takenä

    Synesthetic Stickers

    Three different Synesthetic Project stickers designed by our artist Peter Ferlan! Stick them to your phone, notebook, laptop, fridge, mirror, window, table, cat, dog, birdcage, water boiler, postman...

  • EUR 10 Synesthetic Poster 8 takenä

    Synesthetic Poster

    Another goodie brought to you by the talent of Peter Ferlan: a Synesthetic poster! Put it up on your wall and dive into the mysterious world Peter dreamed up for our live performances. (Take care not to fall in too deep though, you might not be able to come back!)

  • EUR 20 VIP Link + Sickers + Poster 12 takenä

    VIP Link + Sickers + Poster

    Get to see the new video a week ahead of everyone else! You’ll get a private link for the video as soon as it’s ready, so you can either brag about it or smugly keep a secret. And you get a poster and stickers too!

  • EUR 30 Concert ticket 3 takenä

    Concert ticket

    Grab a first-row ticket for one of the upcoming concerts of Synesthetic Project, Ensemble Illyrica or Duo Bauman Ferlan! Afterwards we’ll meet you for a glass of wine and chat about music, art, life, universe... Topics tend to broaden after the second glass. (You’ll also get a VIP video link a week before the release!)

  • EUR 50 Synesthetic Surprise Bundle 3 takenä

    Synesthetic Surprise Bundle

    You will receive an envelope with photographs to frame taken from the first two Synesthetic Videos, stickers, the VIP private video link and... A short story? A favorite recipe? A sonnet? A melody? Let's leave it a surprise.

  • EUR 80 Private lesson 0 takenä

    Private lesson

    You want us to teach you a lesson? Be it flute, music theory, guitar, bass, double bass, dance or how to make a perfect Mediterranean salsa, we will give you an hour of our time to share our wisdom with you.

  • EUR 100 Portrait 1 takenä


    Grab this unique opportunity to have your portrait made by the one and only Peter Ferlan! You send us your photo, and get a portrait in Peter's unique style. Frame it, put it on your wall, show it off to your friends and secretly wait for the opportunity to sell it for a huge amount of money once he becomes obscenely famous.

  • EUR 200 Meet&greet = music 0 takenä

    Meet&greet = music

    A flutist, a guitarist and a dancer walk into a bar. Spend an afternoon with us in our favorite cafe talking about art, music, dance, life, gravity, food and who knows what else, and afterwards you will receive a little piece of music by Marko Ferlan and myself inspired by our meeting.

  • EUR 500 Private concert 0 takenä

    Private concert

    Flute and guitar, a perfect combination for a private concert in your home! Not only have we won awards on several competitions, but we are cute and funny as well. We’ll prepare a program you’ll enjoy, talk about music we like, a play our hearts out for you.
    (Applies for Vienna and Zagreb, travel costs not included for other places!)

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift