Synesthetic Project: Video

by Nika Bauman


The Vienna-based flutist Nika Bauman is on her way to make the final video of the Synesthetic Project series that interlaces classical music with contemporary arts.

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The Video

Synesthetic Project is all about blending classical music with contemporary art forms. I make videos in which I provide classical music as a starting point for contemporary dancers and visual artists to make new material and answer to the music through their own medium. Together we explore how well can seemingly separate art branches communicate, we build bridges across time and style to create a new piece together. It’s about understanding that, in the end, we all speak a common language. Although we are now staging it as a live performance with four musicians, two dancers and live visuals, it all started with the videos. The first one was made with baroque music and the contemporary dancer Antonia Dorbić, the second with contemporary music and visual artist Peter Ferlan, and now we ask you to help us create a third one. It will be a piece about connection and relationship, starring the guitarist Marko Ferlan and myself, and dancers Antonia Dorbić and Rino Indiono.

About Synesthetic Project

The Synesthetic Project is developed by the Vienna-based flutist Nika Bauman. Through a series of collaborations with dancers, visual and multimedia artists she creates relationships, connections and expressions of classical music through contemporary art. The project explores the concepts of diversity, understanding, tolerance, communication, of mutual giving and receiving. The project explores the concepts of diversity, understanding, tolerance, communication, of mutual giving and receiving. The goal is to create a world where variety is celebrated, where artists and audience meet without prejudice and boundaries of time, style and medium and enjoy the sharing and reinterpretation of their creative stories through another’s eyes.

About Nika

Nika Bauman is a Croatian flutist living and working in Vienna. She finished her master studies both in Zagreb and in Vienna and is a member of chamber ensembles Duo Bauman Ferlan, with which she has won several awards on international chamber music competitions, and Ensemble Illyrica, an international ensemble touring in the summers and representing music by, among others, contemporary Croatian composers. She is the creative director of Synesthetic Project, a performance which gathers an interdisciplinary group of artists, and had staged it in Vienna and Zagreb. She has been awarded scholarships by the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe, Thyll-Dürr Foundation and Werner-Tripp Foundation, and in February 2019 she was one of the finalists of the concert-design competition in Feldkirch, Austria. She is active in diverse genres of music, encompassing classical and contemporary as well as jazz and improvised music, and has performed with ensembles such as Wiener Jeunesse Orchester, Webern Symphonie Orchester, Mimika Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonie, Saint Genet group etc.

What we need funding for

  • filming and editing
  • travel costs to the location (an abandoned hotel on an island in Croatia) and a day of filming
  • costumes
  • rewards fulfillment
  • author’s rights