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  • CHF 10.-16 taken

    Tirage au sort ä

    Tente ta chance! en achetant cette contrepartie tu prends part au tirage au sort pour gagner un vol biplace en parapente à Verbier (Valeur 180CHF). Tirage au sort lundi 18.12. Bonne chance!

  • CHF 12.-2 taken


    6 postcards Valais Discovery with breathtaking views

  • CHF 25.-18 / 30 taken

    Chocolates boxä

    Taste incredible handmade chocolates Valais Discovery

  • CHF 27.-1 / 20 taken

    Ticket HAPPY KIDS - Aquaparcä

    That is what you need for you kids ! An always win scratch ticket. You will have for sure one entrance for Aquaparc and if you are lucky many entrance for other leisure parcs (Rocher de Naye, Swiss Vapeur parc, Mines de sel)

  • CHF 40.-1 / 10 taken

    Visit of a chocolate factoryä

    Visit the Ramsauer chocolate factory in Sierre, create your own chocolate and taste many sweet creations of our chocolate master. Take place on the 17. of march

  • CHF 49.-4 / 5 taken

    Vinum Montisä

    A member card of Vinum Montis which can be used to access 5 events and can give many advantages !

  • CHF 50.-1 / 20 taken

    Calendrier 2018 «Out There» ä

    Le calendrier 2018 de notre ambassadeur Patrick Güller ira à merveille au dessus de ton lit! Tu découvriras 12 photos outdoor majoritairement prises en Valais et dans les Alpes. C'est un super cadeau de Noël...

  • CHF 50.-0 / 5 taken

    Coworking in Verbierä

    If Rihanna can work, there’s no reason you can’t! But do it the right way: spend a day in the new coworking lounge in Verbier «Mountain Hub». Enjoy all the facilities (high-speed internet, free tea and coffee, meeting room,..) and the beauty of the station.

  • CHF 50.-1 / 30 taken

    Pack culture Valaisä

    You have 2x2 entrance to discover the culture in Valais

  • CHF 50.-39 taken

    Apero NO LIMITSä

    Let's come to enjoy a crazy apéro in an unusual location ! Promise... it is going to be amazing

  • CHF 54.-37 / 60 taken

    Traditional food basketä

    Products from Valais are amazing ! Here you get a small view of what is made in our canton. And by Valais Discovery we care about quantities...

  • CHF 65.-4 / 15 taken

    Ski pack ä

    A monster pack for winter ! Get a daily ski card in Val d'Anniviers, a customised beanie and a small williamine bottle

  • CHF 89.-3 / 20 taken

    Passport of Valaisä

    Use the best of guide to discover the Valais from the inside. Get your passport of Valais and benefit form several offer across the canton

  • CHF 96.-29 / 60 taken

    Luxurious food basketä

    Santa's sleigh might be stuck on the ground due to this very, very garnished basket. Great products to taste

  • CHF 100.-12 taken

    Raclette with the teamä

    What could be better than envoying a raclette with your favorite team in Chandolin on June 16 of 2018? A great donation to show us your support

  • CHF 100.-2 taken

    Gift card 100.-ä

    Enjoy a 100.- gift card to use on a booking on Valais Discovery

  • CHF 111.-1 taken

    VIP welcomeä

    You are planning to book a housing on Valais Discovery and wish to be welcomed as a king ? This VIP package is made just for you. Be our guest

  • CHF 115.-8 / 50 taken

    Life is a sport, drink it upä

    Get this great apero package including 6 Valais Discovery wine glasses, a corkscrew and a spout

  • CHF 120.-6 / 10 taken

    You can flyä

    A dream come true ? Spent 30 minutes on a two-seater paragliding above Valais
    Value : 180.-

  • CHF 120.-6 / 40 taken

    Winter is coming, or not!ä

    Not a fan of the ski slopes ? Use this 2 activites and a surprise package to use with someone on a cold winter day

  • CHF 120.-2 / 40 taken

    Unforgettable summer dayä

    Enjoy 2 activities and a surprise during a summer day with this package made for two

  • CHF 135.-19 / 120 taken

    In raclette we trustä

    Now we're talking about Christmas gift! Get this raclette box composed with a professional raclette knife (TTM) engraved with the logo Valais Discovery, a customized apron and half-wheel cheese.

  • CHF 150.-6 / 6 taken

    Day photos Patrick Güllerä

    Spend a day with the (soon) world-famous photographer Patrick Güller and learn all the secrets to make stunning landscape photographies

  • CHF 160.-11 / 20 taken

    Relax, take it easyä

    Relax for a day with this package including two entrances to the thermal baths and a massage

  • CHF 250.-1 taken

    250.- Gift Cardä

    Enjoy a 250.- gift card to use on a booking on Valais Discovery

  • CHF 300.-3 taken

    Appear in the newsletterä

    Benefit of a special spot for your company in our newsletter. Our names will be associated

  • CHF 500.-0 taken

    500.- Gift cardä

    Enjoy a 500.- gift card to use on a booking on Valais Discovery

  • CHF 750.-0 taken

    750.- Gift cardä

    Enjoy a 750.- gift card to use on a booking on Valais Discovery

  • CHF 1’000.-1 / 20 taken

    The snow glows whiteä

    Spend a week-end on the ski slopes in one of our wonderful resorts. Let it go, we got your back

  • CHF 1’000.-0 taken

    1000.- Gift cardä

    Enjoy a 1000.- gift card to use on a booking on Valais Discovery

  • CHF 1’500.-1 / 5 taken

    Sponsor Valais Discoveryä

    Become one of our main sponsors! We will bring you everywhere with us and you will benefit from publications, presentations and presence by our side for a year

  • CHF 2’000.-1 / 20 taken

    Summer week discoveryä

    Spend a week withe the person of your choice under the summer sun of Valais