A new vision for tourism !

Valais means :

  • 67 destinations
  • local peoples happy to present their region
  • thousand of activities
  • many cosy nests for everyone

… but also many hours spent to find what you need.

A team of young motivated guys decided to make Valais accessible. In our digital word it is time to group the offers ours canton on a unique platform. This need becomes true with www.valaisdiscovery.ch

The idea was born in the EHL classrooms in 2016. From the ideal vision of tourism developped by 6 students, the idea quickly becam a realistic project supported and encouraged by economics and touristics structures.

Today, 5 young graduated are working on the success of this platform and created a start-up in June 2017.

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How does it work ?

Simply go on www.valaisdiscovery.ch and select your points of interests. You will find the activities and accomodations you need without spending hours on the web. Everything is filtered according to what you are looking for : accomodations, activities, sport material, transportation…

Once you chose, just book and pay directly. We are ready to welcome you for a personalized quality stay that fits 100% of your needs.

With Valais Discovery book easily and fast.

We need you !

You can use the platform already but today, with the global use of tablets and smartphone, an app is necessary. So we can simplify even more the booking process and the presentation of the offers. That is where we need you…

It will cost 40’000.- to develop the app, amount that we don’t have. So don’t wait any more and join the Valais Discovery family. You will be part of the creation of a unique and usefull tool.

Even better ! You can at the same time buy your Christmas gifts. All rewards will be sent by Post to be on time under the Christmas tree.

Your support is important :)

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