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  • EUR 9.-5 taken

    Murderous postcardä

    You will receive a postcard with the fearsome portrait of a criminal of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The bad guy (or the bad girl) turns to you with personal greetings - of course in the 100 years ago distributed Kurrentschrift.

  • EUR 19.-27 / 99 taken

    Book Super-Earlybirdä

    You can not wait to receive one of just 99 backers of your freshly printed copy of the «Das k.u.k. Criminal album». And of course you are happy about the preferential price of € 19, - instead of the € 29, - demanded in the trade. With a personal dedication of the publisher!

  • EUR 24.-8 / 999 taken

    Book + Earlybird Bonusä

    You expect impatient as one of only 999 supporters Your fresh from the printing press coming copy of «The k.u.k. Criminal album». And of course you are happy about the preferential price of € 24, - instead of the € 29, - later demanded in the book trade. Your book also contains a personal greeting from the publisher to you! We accept the postage and packaging charges. Hosanna!

  • EUR 27.-2 / 12 taken

    Book + Viennese songsä

    You will spend an unforgettable evening with live Viennese Schrammelmusik together with the publisher, an Author and up to 11 other supporters in an atmospheric Viennese Heurigen (Buschenschank). There you will also receive your signed copy of the book. You are invited to the first glass of wine!

  • EUR 29.-3 taken

    You as k.u.k. criminalä

    Brilliant in the historical photo of a k.u.k. Criminal is mounted your own likeness (or a gifted person). Please send us by e-mail your photo (front photo) or the photo of person you have gifted. Delivered on «ancient» cardboard with an inscription in the old Kurrentschrift (name together with the crime and the year of the conviction). You can choose the offense yourself. A heavy hammer for birthdays, company anniversaries, Christmas and Easter holidays!

  • EUR 33.-11 / 33 taken

    Book + you as a co-publisherä

    You are honorably mentioned in the opening credits of the book as co-editor - as one of only 33 supporters! You will receive your copy of the book signed by the publisher by post.

  • EUR 44.-1 / 3 taken

    Book + Food + Criminalistä

    You will receive a copy of «Das k.u.k criminal album», signed by the author of a scientific article in the book, in a cozy old Viennese inn. With pointed ears, red cheeks and trembling knees, you will then learn about the most spectacular crimes of the monarchy during a lunch and get to know actors, backgrounds and unresolved secrets. You are invited to the first glass of wine. The rest of your order you take over - because we do not know how many Wiener schnitzel you can squeeze in an hour ;-)

  • EUR 49.-23 taken

    Book + wine + wooden Boxä

    In a representative k.u.k. Wooden box in the monarchic colors black and yellow with imperial double-headed eagle you will find your book signed by the publisher plus an excellent bottle of viennes wine. An ideal present for family members, friends and colleagues of historical interest. We are happy to offer you free delivery in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. For other addresses in Austria, Switzerland or Germany please add € 19, - shipping costs. You can also pick up your gift box from us!

  • EUR 99.-12 taken

    Your hand for help seekersä

    This reward prevents further crime - we pass on 40% of your support to the association «Neustart» (, which has been taking care of the perpetrators, perpetrators and of course the victims of violence and crime for decades. And of course you will not only get a good feeling but also the reward «book + wine + k.u.k. Holzkiste» - with a personal thank-you letter from the association «Neustart». And as an additional thank you we take over the postage costs for your package. In Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, we also like to provide you personally as well as for free. We thank you for your unconditionally helping hand!

  • EUR 199.-0 / 9 taken

    Buch & Karl von Habsburgä

    Du hütest diesen bibliophilen Schatz wie den sprichwörtlichen Augapfel: Gezählte neun Exemplare des Buches «Das k.u.k. Verbrecheralbum» werden von seiner Kaiserlichen Hoheit Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen mit einem Grußwort versehen und signiert.

    Und natürlich kommt das Buch mit einer guten Flasche Wein aus Wien zu Dir - sorgfältig verpackt in eine k.u.k. Holzkiste im schwarz-gelben Dekor samt Doppeladler.

    40% der Einnahmen aus dieser Belohnung werden direkt an die NGO «Blue Shield» weitergereicht. Blue Shield International ist eine internationale und UNESCO-affiliierte Organisation mit dem Sitz in Den Haag für den Schutz von Kulturgut vor den Auswirkungen von Kriegen, bewaffneten Konflikten und Katastrophen. Präsident von Blue Shield International ist Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen.