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  • EUR 1.-0 taken

    E-Mail with the questä

    You receive an e-mail with the introduction of our main character.
    A short scene and a crucial question to think about your own career.

  • EUR 15.-10 taken


    Join the online premiere of this interactive web-story about our global system of monetary exchange from all around the world! Explore New Yorks' Financial District and take a Yellow Spirit by the hand to help her overcome the idolatry of capital and discover your true purpose to find real value.

  • EUR 35.-6 / 50 taken

    Book + Ticket ä

    Receive the script and an exclusive insight into the project development, facts about the chosen sites, and funny stories about little failures in the process and how we overcame them
    (an update e-Mail will be shared a week after the Premiere)

  • EUR 50.-1 / 50 taken

    Mindset-Cards + Ticket ä

    Receive access to the Market Spectacle and additionally a set of cards with valuable quotes, questions, and affirmations for living with purpose and creating value.

  • EUR 80.-0 / 20 taken

    Printed Poster & Ticketä

    A signed Poster from our main Sujet including a Ticket for the Premiere (online)

  • EUR 100.-0 / 7 taken

    Coin Reward Set + Ticket ä

    After completing each quest in the story, you will receive a reward coin inspired by qualities helpful for your success.

    Get your unique analog version - a 3D printed set of the whole collection!

  • EUR 200.-0 / 10 taken

    Social media Featureä

    We will feature your own project, site or profile with one of our filters as a Highlight and ask a question relevant to success and business to our audience.

  • EUR 300.-0 taken

    Special Thanks + Ticketä

    Reserve your spot in the «Special Thanks»-section on our website and tickets for the premiere.

  • EUR 500.-0 / 5 taken

    Make your words count!ä

    Add a text passage to one scene of your choice (there will be absolutely no restriction! #freespeech) + gain early access in a private zoom call to the entire story and our development process

  • EUR 1.000.-0 / 3 taken

    Create your own Spiritä

    Imagine yourself | family or friend as part of the Market Spectacle and co-create with us your very own additional role! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    Three extra characters are invited to add their unique perspectives, comment on the content, and impact the storyline. You will be illustrated and I will be happy to alter dialogues and comments based on your own experience, knowledge, and wisdom to join the group of colorful spirits on their journey!

    Please let me know your e-mail and phone number, so we can arrange some zoom-sessions or a coffee-date so that we can co-create your individual character for this story ✨