A website takes you on a virtual site-fiction journey told in film sequences about the question: «What do you want to become?» in New York City's Financial District.

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Concluded on 28/6/2022

«What do you want to become?»

I have created this site-fiction story about our global system of exchange, to share my own journey but at the same time provide for a tool that enables all of us to take a Yellow Spirit by the hand, our inner child that was once asked: «What do you want to become?»

Let’s help her to overcome the idolatry of capital, find her own purpose and value.

Where Federal Hall is just around the corner from Wall Street, right next to Broadway and opposite the New York Stock Exchange, we meet Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Fearless Girl, and the Charging Bull. In the company of Colourful Spirits, we learn life lessons that guide us towards the State of Liberty. Arriving on Staten Island, we are offered a healing potion, rooted in the past enriched by drops of water from the skies. Amongst heroes and heroines, we eat from the fruit of mother earth and understand the meaning of quality.

take an interactive journey....

The Market Spectacle is an interactive journey accessible from anywhere around the world by visiting a website, a playful means to watch scenes and different perspectives towards capitalism. An Instagram Feed will further entertain and give you hints about the story :)

By looking at it from a distance being asked several interactive questions, you discover your very own, purposeful role within it.

Reveal the core values of your own career and define what it looks like to make your dreams become a reality!

Join the Market Spectacle in order to discover your own calling the «Why», «How», and «What» of joy and success.

This is what I need backing for.

I need backing in order to pay contributors and creatives for:

  • animating and refining the story & dialogues
  • shooting further footage
  • setting up the website and creating social media content for you to follow the story and experience the play