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  • CHF 1.-2 taken

    sharing is caringä

    You have no financial resources? No problem, tell 3 of your travel or culture-loving friends about our crowdfunding. With 1 CHF you can show your support and spread the word.

  • CHF 5.-14 taken

    double discountä

    You have hardly any financial resources? No problem, with 5 CHF support you get 10 CHF discount on a movie.

  • CHF 10.-27 taken

    digital highfiveä

    Support us with an incredible 4 diesel fills from Iran (75l for 2.50 CHF in 2022) and receive a hearty digital highfive for us.

  • CHF 20.-13 taken

    the answerä

    Do you have a burning question? Topic: whatever! Just for youwe have a detailed answer sent directly on your Whatapp.

  • CHF 30.-24 taken

    Olga sponsored runä

    Take part in the digital sponsored run. For every CHF 30 donated, we will run around Olga 3 times. Make us sweat ;) We'll post the video on Instagram and send it to you.

  • CHF 35.-12 taken

    behind the scene movieä

    Are you interested in our project? How did we proceed? What all had to be done? Get a deeper insight including explanations and background information in our behind-the-scene short film. You will receive it after the release of our movie.

  • CHF 40.-1 taken

    Olga sponsored run +++ä

    You also take part in the sponsored run. But now we run 4 times around the Defender for every CHF 40 paid. In addition, you will receive a photo of us during or after the run by post to your home. Hopefully totally out of breath & sweaty ;)

  • CHF 50.-26 taken


    Fortunately, our engine never had any problems on the journey. Enjoy it with us and receive an Olga sticker for your home.

  • CHF 65.-21 taken

    Filmpackage lightä

    Get the film as a digital download after our first tour and before its available to buy for everyone else.

  • CHF 75.-6 taken

    Olga cloth bagä

    We have stored various adapters for our water system in an Olga cloth bag. Water is important and worth supporting, so donate and receive your own Olga cloth bag. You are also welcome to fill it with other contents.

  • CHF 80.-7 taken

    free entry + behindthesceneä

    Get 1 free entry to a movie screening. You will also receive our behind the scene short film as a digital download. Get a deeper insight incl. explanations and background information about our project. You will receive it after the release of our movie.

  • CHF 80.-0 taken

    signed posterä

    Choose a poster from our selection and receive it printed & signed to your home.

  • CHF 100.-6 taken

    Olga flipä

    Olga practiced a flip and got us 3 months of repairs in Turkey. Do you want to know what feelings and efforts this meant for us? With 100 CHF you help us to tell stories like this in the travel movie.

  • CHF 150.-58 taken


    You will attend the film premiere including aperitif. You will also receive the film as a digital download (after the first tour).

  • CHF 200.-5 taken

    Travel-factsheet «Olga»ä

    How did we travel? What did we organize and how? Wild camping - is that possible? Our detailed FAQ & factsheet will prepare you for your next overland trip.

  • CHF 300.-1 taken

    Olga is a puzzleä

    Yes, it actually is. And we played it. In 4 weeks, we completely disassembled and reassembled our Defender on our own. With 300 CHF you help us to tell stories like this in the travel movie.

  • CHF 500.-2 taken


    Your support will be acknowledged by mentioning your name in the credits of the movie. You will also receive two free tickets for the movie premiere including an aperitif

  • CHF 1’000.-1 taken

    Personal travelconsultingä

    We will advise you on your next trip in a personal, digital meeting. You will also receive our FAQ & factsheet to read. In addition, you will be mentioned by name as an honorary film partner in the opening credits of the film and you will receive two tickets for the film premiere, including an aperitif with the film team.

  • CHF 5’000.-1 taken

    Talk + Filmpartnerä

    We come to your company, your club or your environment with a personal presentation. You will also be mentioned by name in the opening credits of the film as an honorary film partner.