Travelmovie «keep going»

by Olga on tour

St. Gallen

A rollover accident, prison, car-breakdowns and a pregnancy - there were a number of setbacks on our trip around the world. We «kept going» - physically and mentally. Find out how in our travelmovie.

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«Keep going» - overlanding: a defender overcomes borders

We are Toby and Martina, two somewhat crazy adventurers from Switzerland. Our last adventure took us halfway around the world over many bumpy roads. Again and again we heard from friends «why don’t you give up?» - Well, something makes us keep going - as the movie title says.

So what exactly is it about?

Around the world with the Defender - we have realized this dream. 2.5 years, 91,000 km and 44 countries later, we have collected over 150 hours of video footage: of adventures in the desert, of car repairs in foreign languages, of unparalleled hospitality, of accidents & a prison stay in Africa. We arrived back home in Switzerland just 2 weeks before the birth of our son and are now enjoying our chaotic family life with dog and child after the many adventures. :) We need help so that we can pack all our experiences into a travel movie & inspire people.

  • 4 wheels in the desert
    4 wheels in the desert
  • as 1 wheel was off
    as 1 wheel was off
  • as only the wheels were left
    as only the wheels were left

Our mission

We were able to experience and learn a lot on our journey. Setbacks and challenges have made us stronger, and the highs of adventure and encounters have kept us going. Our travel film shows this. Acceptance, solution orientation and a cool head are the keys to a solution, even if it seems hopeless at first. With our story, we want to show that obstacles are an opportunity and encourage you to live your own dream. Almost incidentally, our film shows you how beautiful, hospitable and colorful this world is. Come along, get into our car & let yourself be surprised.

  • on the road
    on the road
  • offroad
  • next to the road
    next to the road

Support us

In order for us to produce a catchy, inspiring travel film, a professional has to get to work. A film editor views all our material and takes over the editing work. His valuable work should be rewarded. After completing the film, we will go on a film and speech tour, where we want to pass on our enthusiasm to you. Your support, no matter how big or small, brings us one step closer to this goal.

We would like to communicate our project costs transparently:

  • 15’000 CHF for visual & editing work, sound recording, hardware & software (with discount)
  • 3’000 CHF for music rights & storytelling work
  • 2’000 CHF for administration & marketing

The amount of CHF 20,000 corresponds to the first interim goal and enables us to continue working on the film. It really gets the project rolling. As soon as this goal is reached, we want to switch to goal 2, which involves an amount that will enable us to pay the entire project team (excluding ourselves) in full and to pay for the work without the generous discounts. Currently, everyone in the project team (editing, storytelling, color grading) works without remuneration and in advance. No salary has been budgeted for us (Martina and Tobias).

Help us make this movie. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • eating on the floor
    eating on the floor
  • having a break on the floor
    having a break on the floor
  • fixing the car on the floor
    fixing the car on the floor