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  • CHF 25.-23 taken

    individual postcardä

    All you get in the mail are advertisements and bills? Soon no more: as a reward for your support, you will receive a personalized thank-you card, designed by Rhea.

  • CHF 35.-6 taken

    Lucky tea from the gardenä

    Perfect for the winter! Self-picked tea, gently dried, lovingly mixed and packaged - directly from Anna and Julia's own gardens, without additives, except a little bit of luck!

  • CHF 50.-29 taken

    mom's digital cookbookä

    Our families also support useagain: We thank you for your support with a digital cookbook edition of Karl's mom! A great homemade cookbook with recipes that the team found to be definitely delicious.

  • CHF 88.-2 / 88 taken

    karma points (S)ä

    Luck is not for sale, but with ’Doing Good’, you boost your inner karma bank by 120 points. You can tap it whenever you need it most.

    > Karma - a term for the rule «You will get everything you do back sometime in this life.»

  • CHF 100.-19 taken

    homemade jamä

    mhhhhhhhhh, a real treat :) Karl's mother made the jam especially for you, and it is now waiting for the right climate supporters (shipping only CH/DE).

  • CHF 120.-8 taken

    useagain subscription MINIä

    A great reward from Cyrille: for a special price, you can place 10 sales ads online on at the same time and try out how the platform works for 6 months. If you have a small remodeling project, this is the moment to start reusing!

  • CHF 250.-2 taken

    birthday calendarä

    You will receive a unique, reusable birthday calendar as a thank-you! The photos are from the collection of Anna (, it is not limited to one year, but can bring joy again and again - and remind you of birthdays in time.

  • CHF 300.-1 / 2 taken

    A Nepalese dinnerä

    An evening in Nepal without having to fly! Treat yourself and your loved one to some time out at the Nepalese restaurant «Pokhara» in Bern and let yourself be pampered. The dinner includes two starters, two main courses and two soft drinks of your choice.

  • CHF 350.-1 taken

    Painting: «serenity»ä

    In the form of a specially made for you artwork, we thank you with a portion of serenity! Hand-painted by Julia, with much love and absolutely unique (approx. A3, incl. picture frame).

  • CHF 777.-0 taken

    Karma Points (L)ä

    What a bargain: 1000 (!) Karma Points! Uncomplicated and easy to use (just claim it out loud when needed) - you can tap it whenever it's most needed for you.

    > Karma - a term for the rule «You get everything you do back sometime in this life.»

  • CHF 1’000.-0 taken

    subscription CLASSICä

    You are interested in the realization of the platform and you manage a big project? With the subscription «Classic» Gerwin offers you a useagain user subscription where you can place up to 100 ads online at the same time, for 6 months! Of course for the unique wemakeit-advantage price!

  • CHF 1’500.-0 taken

    presentation «reuse»ä

    Corinne has come up with something very special: We will hold a presentation for you and your guests on circular economy and reuse in construction. The content and scope will be tailored to your needs (approx. 1,5h).

  • CHF 2’000.-0 taken

    consultation on reuseä

    Want to learn more about reuse and use your commitment to get a personal consultation on a project? Then go for it! We from useagain are looking forward to get to know you or your company (ca 2h).

  • CHF 3’000.-0 taken


    We thank you very much! Daniel had the idea to list you or your company as a sponsor on our platform - and that for the next 3 years! An incomparable deal.