With your help, useagain.ch will become THE online platform for reuse in the construction industry. With your support, you too can make an important contribution to combat climate change.

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168 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 28/11/2022

This is what it's all about

The construction industry causes 1/4 of greenhouse gas emissions and 84% of waste (80-90 million tons are produced in total in Switzerland per year). By reusing building components, a lot of CO₂ could be saved in a simple way and approx. 17 million tons of construction waste could be avoided annually. Construction material reuse in Switzerland today is still not professionalized. The advancing of digitalization allows us to close exactly this gap with useagain.ch. We have collected the needs of various stakeholders and have come to this conclusion: they are longing for a professional platform. With the project useagain.ch, a digital tool is developed for and with the actors of reuse.

  • Construction site aesthetics.
    Construction site aesthetics.
  • Who recognizes the potential?
    Who recognizes the potential?
  • Sorted - not discarded!
    Sorted - not discarded!
  • Stacked - not thrown away!
    Stacked - not thrown away!
  • Art exhibition or building components?
    Art exhibition or building components?

Together and with you!

Why do we do this? We are a team with very diverse backgrounds. What drives us is our passion for the circular economy. Our motivation is to contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions on a large scale.

We are between 23 and 50+ years old and come from all over Switzerland. With useagain we want to initiate a real change in the construction sector for a sustainable built environment.

Every year, wemakeit raises money via crowdfunding to support sustainable and future-oriented projects. The selected projects must in turn raise CHF 25,000 via crowdfunding in order to receive the impact boost of a further CHF 25,000. The platform useagain.ch is one of these selected projects.

With your support, useagain.ch will be further developed technically and will serve as an enabler for the reuse sector in the future.

  • One team - one goal
    One team - one goal
  • Collaboration - together is better
    Collaboration - together is better
  • Together we are strong
    Together we are strong
  • Let's do it!
    Let's do it!

Get involved - act now!

With your support, we can get a lot closer to our goal «ACT now». The raised funds flow 100% into useagain and cover the costs of development and programming (IT), coordination and deployment of the project throughout Switzerland. Thanks to your support, useagain will become the professional platform for reuse!

THANK YOU for your support! Corinne, Rhea, Anna, Julia, Daniel, Dänu, Gerwin, Cyrille, Karl

  • Are you ready?
    Are you ready?
  • Karl prepares the wheels
    Karl prepares the wheels
  • Julia is always ready
    Julia is always ready
  • Rhea is warming up
    Rhea is warming up
  • What about you?
    What about you?