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  • EUR 3.-2 / 3333 taken

    good karmaä

    You make us so happy, because you are showing us your love and support - little money, big impact!!! (3 is our lucky number)

  • EUR 10.-6 taken

    ringtone + bonus trackä

    send you a download link to both, the ringtone à la VIOLET SP!N and the bonus track, which didn’t make it on the CD due to length constraints.

  • EUR 13.-0 taken

    1 piece: sheet + Playalongä

    We´ll send you a download link to the leadsheet and the full score of «Wind», «Bingo» or «Spazieren», including your respective choice as a Synth-Playalong - so you can improve your own improvising skills with our music! :-)

  • EUR 25.-8 taken

    Download CD, ringtone+bonusä

    You´ll receive the link to download the whole album WAY before the official release date!
    A ringtone à la VIOLET SP!N and the exclusive bonus track which didn’t make it on the CD due to length constraints.

  • EUR 25.-26 taken

    THE CD!ä

    TADA! Here it is, our baby: the CD!!!! You´ll hold it in your hands way before the official release date, + the download link to the album. (postage included)

  • EUR 30.-1 taken

    we serenade your loved onesä

    You want to say «HAPPY BIRTHDAY!» and «MERRY CHRISTMAS» or «CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR (for example) WEDDING ANNIVERSARY» in a very special way to your family and loved ones? We´ll play a short piece and record the greetings, you´ll receive the private link to say it via VIOLET SP!N

  • EUR 33.-6 / 3333 taken

    awesome karmaä

    With a double 3 we are twice as happy, especially when the two 3s are side by side. We send you the album and provide the soundtrack to your very bright future!

  • EUR 35.-6 taken

    CD & Bag à la VIOLET SP!Nä

    You'll receive the CD and an exclusively handprinted bag which we designed for the CD release… (postage is included)

  • EUR 45.-0 / 2 taken

    Martinas FREESTYLE hair cut!ä

    Be a Trendsetter: Our viola player Martina creates a very unique artwork on your head, famous FREESTYLE hair cut à la VIOLET SP!N, highly exclusive and extremely sexy!

  • EUR 45.-2 taken

    Coaching in Musicä

    Whether you play the violin or any other instrument, need advise with your compositions or some organisational help with your own project: With 50 minutes talking and playing with either violinist and composer Irene, Andreas or Cellist Fabian you can boost your musical progression. Irene is based in Vienna, Andreas in Graz, Fabian in Vorarlberg - but all are connected via Skype worldwide!

  • EUR 50.-1 taken

    digital self-experienceä

    You´ll get everything digitally:
    the code to download the album,
    and the 3 leadsheets, scores and all 3 playalongs to the pieces «Wind», «Spazieren» and «Bingo».

  • EUR 60.-5 / 10 taken

    «Joy to the world» 3 CDsä

    Gift your loved ones and get a real discount, because we are happy to support your kindheartedness. ;-) as a little reminder: Christmas is coming! There is a way you can avoid rushing in shops, searching for presents the day before christmas this time, do it now: Order some CDs! (postage is included)

  • EUR 60.-1 taken

    all (digital) inä

    This is ALL the digital music we offer in one package:
    The link to the digital album,
    the bonustrack,
    the ringtone
    the 3 leadsheets, scores and playalongs for the tracks «Wind», «Spazieren» and «Bingo»

  • EUR 70.-0 taken


    Relax with 60 minutes of Shiatsu by our certified practitioner Irene and be ready for more deep listening with the music of VIOLET SP!N

  • EUR 70.-2 taken

    2 concert tickets + 1 CDä

    We’ll reserve 2 tickets for you for a concert of your choice, on top, you’ll get a signed CD and the download code for the digital version. (To be sure we can organize the tickets for you, please let us know at least two weeks in advance!)

  • EUR 80.-2 taken

    FAN & FUN packageä

    The CD + download link
    the bag
    the ringtone
    the Bonus Track
    leadsheets, score and playalong of «Wind, Spazieren and »Bingo"

  • EUR 80.-2 / 5 taken

    1concert ticket+Backstage&CDä

    Come with us and have an exclusive look backstage! We´ll hand you a signed CD, a handprinted bag and of course the ticket for the concert! (To be sure we can organize the tickets for you, please let us know at least two weeks in advance!)

  • EUR 90.-2 / 5 taken

    CD + T-Shirt, ltd edition!!ä

    You´ll receive the CD and one of the 5 totally exclusive fair-trade T-Shirts, printed by VIOLET SP!N.
    (Porto ist inkludiert)

  • EUR 100.-1 / 10 taken

    message to your friend!ä

    Tell us the date, the occasion, your name, the name of your loved one and tell us the message you want us to send! We are happy to say it with words and music, this is just for the one and only person! (Please let us know early enough, so we can organize it together)

  • EUR 100.-0 taken

    Scores + CD digitalä

    95% of our music is also written on scores. Here you can have a look at it: We send you the digital download link! Feel free to try the pieces with your friends and don´t hesitate to adapt the scores however you like! The download link of the album is also included.

  • EUR 200.-1 / 1 taken

    2xVIP at the releaseconcert!ä

    You and your friend or partner have a look backstage at a concert of your choice of the release tour in March!
    We are happy to give you 2 signed CDs, two tickets, 2 bags plus: TATARATAAA! 2 T-Shirts, TOTALLY limited edition!!!!

  • EUR 250.-0 / 2 taken


    You get a discount for relaxing: 4 meetings à 50 minutes with Shiatsu by our certified practicioner Irene! Allow yourself to make some progress with your health issues and smooth your dance moves to be prepared for the next concerts of VIOLET SP!N

  • EUR 300.-2 / 5 taken

    1 afternoon with VIOLET SP!Nä

    We show you our homes and invite you and your friend or partner to spend an afternoon with one of us VIOLET SP!N members to show you our home area! We can either go sightseeing in Vienna with Martina or Irene, or in Graz with Andreas, or go hiking with Fabian in Vorarlberg. Of course you two will get a CD each. Afterwards we chat with coffee and cake, Fabian cooks for you typical local food - if you don´t know Schnaps yet, he will introduce you to the art of Austrian Schnaps! :-)

  • EUR 500.-2 / 4 taken

    Intermezzo: VIOLET SP!N Soloä

    Irene arranged some of her pieces for Violin Solo and plays for you and your celebration an exclusive concert of about 30 minutes with music by VIOLET SP!N, somewhere in and around Vienna!
    AND 4 CDs are all yours!

  • EUR 1.111.-2 / 3 taken

    book a concert!ä

    Tell us the location of your celebration, which shouldn’t be further away than 20km of Vienna, and we’ll play our music for you, privately or publicly, just as you like! (If you want us to play further away don´t hesitate to message us - we are happy to play all around the globe...)