Violet Spin – Debut CD

by Violet Spin


As a String quartet we skate the boundaries between contemporary music, jazz, song form and noise to create our own, individual sound. Join us and be a part of our very first CD! <3

EUR 7’500

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 29/11/2017

Jazz, Groove and Contemporary String Quartet

UNBELIEVABLE. We reached our first goal of 5500€ already, so all expenses are covered, mastering and manufacturing secured. And we are taking another step. For all vinyl-lovers out there we’ll try to reach a record release, too. First quotes are in and we need roughly 10.000€, total, to afford this. Help us to also achieve that goal! And we want to share. 10% of the sum which we’ll receive over our initial goal is going to a charity, as well as all the money coming in for the «good karma»-goodie. Because sharing is caring! For details on that follow the news.

CAUTION: We are based in Vienna, but we don´t play Mozart here! ;-))))

We play our own pieces and enjoy moving away from the well trodden path to explore sound from a different angle, experimenting with different musical styles and improvising here and there. We play what we like, and we like to use all of our skills. It´s REAL fun and you should be able to hear that on the album!

Last year we packed our instruments and music and went to the studio for recording. It was wonderful. It was inspiring. A pure jamboree!!

The outcome is lots and lots of music - almost 70 minutes … Because we want to play all the music we love and enjoy as artists, that work in various genres.

And finally we are going to release our first album and we are super excited to share it with you!!!!

The vibe is brilliant and the music feels great

Luckily our music caught the attention of the Swiss label Unit Records, and since we are super motivated we would love to release the best possible product, including mastering, a music video, a nice CD booklet and beautiful photos, no compromises!

The vibe is brilliant, the music feels great and it´s said, that the magazines Concerto and Jazzwise might publish a feature about us in January/February… Also, the planning of the release tour is coming along – This all motivates us to do nice goodies for you!

So, we were in the studio recording for 4 days, then there was mixing, a new homepage, the driving expenses and other small stuff which has already eaten up the small public fundings we received. The «Österreichische Musikfond», which is the main funding institution for CD production in Austria, sadly didn’t support us.

BUT, we still would love to produce the best first release possible, because we believe this project is special and there is an audience out there which will love it and support us with likes, shares and by purchasing of one or more goodies. :-)

Independent and free - pro and contra

Well, once upon a time, musicians were paid when they went in the studio to record an album - today this is basically only the case, when the production expenses are expected to be covered for sure by sales, because of the fame of the group.

So well, since VIOLET SP!N is producing a debut record here this also means we are not famous (yet, hehe). Which means we are paying all the bills out of our own pockets!

So, next is mastering, CD design and manufacturing - which is just too much for our budgets, in addition to the money we´ve already spent for studio and mixing - There´s at least another 3500€ that we need to take care of for sure.

But due to our motivation because everything seems perfect to us and because we are receiving a lot of encouragement already (thank you!) we would like to venture to do crowd funding WITH YOU!

We really hope you like what we do - and to be honest we are enjoying thinking of goodies to offer, we even think about just going for a nicer music video, so we asked for a quote:

IF we can make around 1000€ more than the goal of 5500€, the music video can be less basic, because a camera crane and renting a nice venue means we can make it more beautiful … We ourselves don’t know anything about that, that’s why we asked friends that are professional film makers!

So, yes, we are excited about the ideas and plans, but we can only do it with your support!!!

To remind you: Christmas is coming - You can gift your loved ones CDs and take advantage of the good price we offer for the 3-CD-pack – because we honour your gratitude! <3

We are especially proud of our self printed bags, this is also a debut for us!

In case you play music yourself we are offering sheet music for 3 jazz pieces that are on the CD so you can work on your impro-skills with the playalongs provided!

You can also go for a Skype lesson or consulting with Irene, you don’t even need to be in Vienna!

And if you are in Vienna, you might want to book a concert in a nice setting, we are looking forward to meeting you!