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  • EUR 10.-1 taken

    VIVID Mini Surpriseä

    In a mysterious, but safe and legal way, VIVID will show their gratitude with a lovely surprise!

    [ VIVID surprise thank you gift ]

  • EUR 14.-3 taken

    Album Download Codeä

    For our friend who has lost faith in the postal service, you will be getting a download code after the CD release. With only a few clicks, you can have the whole album in your pocket, quick and painless!
    [ Download Code (digital soundtracks)]

  • EUR 22.-35 taken

    CD «Bitter Fruit» ä

    Taaadaaa! For you, our dearest softcore fan to enjoy just the proper amount of joyful bitterness - A freshly pressed, squeezed, signed «Bitter Fruit» CD will be sent to your front door!
    [ 1 signed CD (send per post) ]

  • EUR 29.-24 taken

    CD+ Bitter Fruit Tote Bagä

    Get yourself a VIVID «Bitter Fruit» themed bag! With few different designs for the good and the naughty, fun and trendy guaranteed. A very clear must-have!
    [ 1 CD + Bitter Fruit themed bag ]

  • EUR 38.-2 taken

    CD + Break Time with VIVIDä

    Break time snack hunting with VIVID! The CD will be personally delivered by one of the VIVID ladies, and you'll be invited to enjoy a snack of your choice! Option1) Go for an Ice cream at Eis-Greissler with Lorina (according to season!). 2) Fetch an Onigiri with Sheng-Fang at ChaNoMa tea house. 3) A coffee break with Christine at Schwendermarkt!
    [ 1 CD + 1 fave snack of VIVID ]

  • EUR 45.-3 / 4 taken

    VIP Concert Ticketsä

    Support us by choosing this package, you will be getting 2 tickets to our concert plus complementary prosecco for two on spot. Perfect for you to bring your date/soulmate/friendly neighbour along!
    *Recommendation: Vivid's next concert on 6th of July, Brick-5 Vienna.
    [ 2 Tickets + 2 glasses of prosecco ]

  • EUR 55.-8 taken

    CD+ Ultimate Bitter Delightä

    Now for our very special someone... for you to enjoy «Bitter Fruit» with all your senses - hearing, vision, touch and smell… VIVID’s ultimate gift bag contains items inspired by and created for our Album, including our CD, a «Bitter Fruit» themed bag, a VIVID surprise Item, and proudly present: luxury lemon oil or bergamotte soap hand from «Wiener Seife»! - vienna’s finest soap makers! #treatyourself
    [ 1 CD + Bitter Fruit themed bag + VIVID Surprise Item + Hand-made soap from Wiener Seife ]

  • EUR 80.-0 taken

    CD+ Private Coachingä

    Book a recorder lesson with one of the VIVID ladies!
    [ 1 CD + 60 min lesson ]

  • EUR 100.-0 taken

    CD+ Rehearsal Rendezvousä

    Visit VIVID’s rehearsing at their natural habitat, observe VIVID girls
    close-up how they communicate with each other through sound, how they enjoy and create a painfully pleasant dissonance, and witness how loud they laugh in private. Chit-chat and snacks included!
    [ 1 CD + rehearsal session + snack]

  • EUR 150.-1 taken

    CD+ Fun Recorder Afternoonä

    This one is for all the recorder / music enthusiasts of all ages, levels and interests! Come share a nice musical afternoon playing and discovering old and new pieces together with VIVID!

    [1 CD + jam-session with vivid ]

  • EUR 250.-1 / 3 taken

    CDs+ Backpack by Christineä

    Grab this chance before it disappears!
    One of a kind, Christine Gnigler™ designed backpack will be handmade by her just for you.
    [ 2 signed CDs + Backpack by Christine]

  • EUR 300.-0 taken

    CDs+ A Piece Of Your Wishä

    We didn’t include your favorite song in «Bitter Fruit» album? Well that’s just unacceptable. Tell us your wish and we will create a VIVID version of the music recorded just for you!

    [ 1 CD + soundtrack of a piece of your wish]

  • EUR 400.-1 taken

    20 CDs Bitter Fruits Basketä

    Searching for a fitting gift for every member of your family/company/ next agriculture conference? Look no further! Support us by getting 20 «Bitter Fruit» at once!

    [ 20 CDs ]

  • EUR 450.-2 taken

    Private Sponsorship ä

    Through your very generous contribution, we will be making a big step forward towards our dream. As such an kind gesture, we would like to show our gratitude by having your name (or the name of your company /organisation) printed in our CD-Booklet. A public announcement about your wonderful support will also be made on our official Website & on Social Media!
    [ 4 CDs + Mention in CD-Booklet and on Website of Sponsorship]

  • EUR 500.-0 / 5 taken

    House Concertä

    By choosing the deluxe VIVID House concert package, you can book VIVID Consort to perform their very best hits at a venue of your wish and arrangement!

    [ 2 CDs + 25min. vivid consort music performance]

  • EUR 1.000.-0 / 5 taken

    «Bitter Fruit» LIVEä

    Now, our most beloved hardcore fan...
    first of all we thank you for staying with us till here, it requires very much determination and will to go through so many distractions without blinking. YOU are our true hero. That's why we are offering you only the very best of VIVID: The full e bittersweet 3D experience - a complete VIVID concert, including not only the entire «Bitter Fruit» program, but also many more hidden treasures from the middle ages and renaissance. An expressive, enchanted concert dedicated to you!

    [ 4 CDs + 60 min vivid consort full concert ]

  • EUR 2.000.-0 taken

    «Bitter Fruit» LIVE Abroad ä

    Not forgetting our die-hard fan from abroad! we would so love to visit you and share our music with you, support us by booking the ««Bitter Fruit» LIVE Abroad» package, and have VIVID Consort deliver you personally our CDs, Bitter delight gift bag and of course, the full concert with the complete «Bitter Fruit» program and many other medieval & renaissance surprise pieces.
    [ 4 CDs + vivid consort full concert + VIVID ultimate bitter delight gift bag] (travel expenses not yet included)
    Call out to you, our hero from a foreign land, we wish to hear from you!