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Bitter Fruit CD Production

VIVID Consort calling out for brave adventurer! Join us on our journey of creating «Bitter Fruit» ! #earlypopmusic

  • Debut Album «Bitter Fruit»

«Pastime with good company, I love and shall unto I die…»

The album title «Bitter Fruit», inspired by the symbolic meaning of lemon in Renaissance art: pleasure of life, nature, fidelity in love, a bitter heart, unresolved conflict…

«…I weep, I sigh, I grieve and groan! Yet she regardeth not my moan…» «Bitter Fruit» celebrates life, nature and love in it’s wicked, various forms. It presents a collection of secular music from England and France, showing the beauty and the drama of renaissance era polyphony, with lyrics that feature the alluring tension between joy and sorrow, loved and unloved, life and death… a mixture of melancholic and uplifting songs delivered by recorders and voices.

  • About VIVID

VIVID Consort is a lively, passionate recorder trio from Vienna, dedicated to bringing music ( from the middle ages to the present ) to life in their very own fresh, vibrant way, using their captivating instrumental and vocal skills.

VIVID Consort

  • Christine Gnigler|recorders, vocals
  • Sheng-Fang Chiu|recorders
  • Lorina Vallaster|recorders, vocals

Album Repertoire

Music by Henry VIII, William Cornysh, Thomas Bateson, John Wilbye, Antoine Brumel, Elway Bevin, Josquin Desprez, Mathieu Gascongne and more.


Production Data

The first part of the recording has been done earlier this year, we have already covered some of the expenses out of our own funds, yet there’s still a long way to go. All album pre-sales and contributions will help us backup the following production costs:

  • 2nd recording session studio rental
  • producing/sound engineering
  • booklet design
  • CD pressing
  • photography
  • release concert
  • promotion campaign

Be Our Hero!

With your generous help and support, we will be able to finance a very big part of the the production, and achieving our longing! For every CD pre-order and contribution you make, we will offer you a thoughtful gift in return, from limited designed item, surprise gift bag with lemony-delights to private concert, all be prepared by us with love and care, which we hope could represent our deepest gratitude. (If you have any question, contact us directly through vivid.consort@gmail.com, We’ll be happy to help you and greet you personally!)

Thank you so much for being an important part of it! We can’t wait to share the joy you!


  • Vivid girls
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