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  • CHF 10.-33 taken


    Are you under 25 (i.e. you will be under 35 in 2027)? Do you want to invest your ideas and your creativity to make sure X-27 captures (and transcends) expectations of your generation? For a symbolic 10 Francs, you become part of the Swarm. We will involve you in online questionnaires and possibly other events and if we make it to the finish line, you will get an entry ticket to X-27.

  • CHF 100.-119 taken


    Do you want to become part of the conceptual and political roller coaster ride of X-27? With 100 Francs we welcome you as a passenger to our 10-year trip (leg room guaranteed). You stay informed and are invited to join our yearly «Rendez-vous» from now until 2027. If X-27 takes place, you will also find two beautiful entry tickets in your mailbox or inbox.

  • CHF 400.-45 taken


    Are you interested in actively influencing the course of X-27? Then let us recruit you as a pilot. We offer: Steady information, invitations to online-surveys, our yearly «Rendez-vous» as well as certain Pilot trainings and meetings. And if X-27 flies, you will get four entry tickets for you and your crew. All for 400 Francs!

  • CHF 1’000.-31 taken


    As an Angel you protect and consult x-27 and interact with the Team on a personal level. You get the opportunity to become actively involved, your funding and your network plays an important role in taking this idea to success. For 1'000 Francs you can have your name listed on the X-27 website and when&if we open our doors in 2027, you walk in with two VIP-tickets and can show your plus-one your name engraved on the runway.*

    *or other appropriate location

  • CHF 3’000.-13 taken

    Corporate Eagleä

    As a Corporate Eagle, you and your company keep a total overview over everything that happens in the next ten years. When an EXPO takes place, there’s usually a lot of work to be done and our Corporate Eagles are always in pole position. Believe us, you’ve spent more money on less! Ticket price: 3’000 Francs. Reward: Your company is listed as a partner (if you want). You can advertise as «Supporter of the Landesausstellung X-27». You get «Eagle»-Briefings on jobs and projects. And if X-27 happens, your company gets four VIP or 20 regular tickets (depending on your corporate culture). Hint: Tell your employees to participate in the crowd funding, stating the company name. If your company reaches 15’000 Francs, you will be awarded «Creator» status.

  • CHF 15’000.-1 taken


    What can we say? If you invest 15’000 Francs now, you are at Odin’s table. You or a delegate (if you are a company) are invited to join the core team, join the class photo. And when X-27 happens, we will fly you in with a drone*. Fact: Creators are formally part of the X-27 advisory council, can advertise as «Founding Partners of X-27» and are listed as such on the X-27 webseite verzeichnet. If and when X-27 happens, your name will be well visible, engraved on the runway* as one of the partners who helped X-27 become airborne. Of course, when we open, your entire investment can be credited towards buying any level of entry tickets. (*or similar)