20th Global-Super-8-Day GS8D

by Lutz P. Kayser


On 10.10.20 the world celebrates 20 years Global-Super-8-Day & the 55th birthday of Super-8! The international GS8D2020 committee is in Basel, Hamburg, London and Zurich. The headquarters is in Basel.

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Concluded on 28/10/2019

Global Super 8 Day 2020 is a decentralized, international film festival that shows how much Super 8 lives!

This worldwide day of action is a new tribute to the independent, artistic Super 8 film. The aim is to make a bright spotlight on the past, present and future of Super-8. In particular, we want to reach new audiences and encourage them to work with Super 8. With the worldwide Super 8 generation contract we want to reactivate the millions of Super 8 cameras waiting on attics etc. for new filmmakers in an environmentally friendly way, see website.

We are part of the renaissance of analogue photography and film work, which has been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. Similar to vinyl in the music sector.

Nobody would have believed 20 years ago, when the first GS8D was produced in 2000, that we would be able to celebrate our 20th anniversary today with the 55th anniversary of the Super-8 film. Super 8 was already considered dead in the mid-90s, replaced by video as a very widespread medium. But Super 8 remains. The GS8D was organized irregularly over the years, but always completely independent from Basel or Zurich and already took place in over 100 cities worldwide. Also thanks to the big lead time of more than one year we expect Super-8 events in 100 cities from 50 countries on 10.10.2020.

The worldwide organization of the GS8D was and is central and above all independent. As an advocate of analogue independent filmmaking, we attach great importance to this. The GS8D provides a framework that local S8 enthusiasts around the world autonomously fill with their S8 events on their own responsibility.

The world is there - and you?

It’s unique in the world that a medium like Super 8 film has created a community that is loosely but firmly connected almost everywhere in the world. Filming Super 8 obviously has a certain magic in it that leads to this great connection to the medium. New Super 8 filmmakers are always welcome. In Basel, a Super 8 film atelier is being built in the former industrial Klybeck area in preparation for the GS8D2020.

The website www.global-super8-day.info is the central medium for documenting the Super 8 events worldwide. This site is aimed both at the public, who can find the next location when searching for events, and of course at the GS8D event organisers, for whom this site is intended to provide a platform for presentation and networking.

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Even if all GS8D committee members work exclusively on an voluntary basis, costs arise. These begin with web hosting, domain registration, go through certain features on the site that require paid programs to web space, which should take account of a worldwide use. Costs for film material, scanning of photo and film material, copying of TV material to old S8 events, production of press kits, documentation of activities as well as communication.

Costs for S8 film material, scanning of photo and film material, copying of TV material to old S8 events, production of press kits, documentation of activities as well as communication. Also pro rata costs for the space in Basel, which also takes care of the local potential.