The pitch

Brigid is a famous artist based in Switzerland. She is the wife of Casper, a well-established art dealer, and the mother of a 19-year-old girl, Inga. She lives safely within her comfort zone. However, with the death of her 17-year-old daughter, Nino, over a year ago, Brigid has subconsciously accumulated many doubts. She has started questioning her way of life, and facing the cracks in the facade of the wealthy home she and her husband had built to be a haven of peace. Step by step, she drifts into the fantasy of breaking out. But what does it take for a fantasy to become reality? 

(medium-lenght movie)

A story of collaboration

  • Video by Hakim Mastour

The genesis of the project

Aidan Büchi: « This psychological drama subtly weaves a fictional narrative of the personal experiences shared between three women who contributed to a change in my perception of life: a 17-year-old friend who tragically died 17 months ago, my mother, and the friend with whom we composed this threefold character called Brigid, during a one-year writing process. »

Visual intentions

The film is intended to be a visual experience in which you will take part in the journey of Brigid’s quest, where space and time combine to give birth to a distorted sense of reality. In an attempt to redefine her position as a woman, you will be transported into Brigid’s past and present, as well as into her most obsessive and mysterious visions. 

The aim

First of all, the objective is to let the audience embark upon a story whose setting everyone can relate to: the family. This movie offers an invitation to explore this setting from the perspective of an institution in which all members adopt the patriarchy as its framework. Our aim is to state that both men and women equally suffer from a social structure in which domination prevails.

The crew

  • Acting: Melano Sokhadze (Georgia)
  • Directing: Aidan Büchi (Switzerland/Italy) 
  • Screenwriting: Aidan Büchi & Melano Sokhadze 
  • Director of photography: Burak Oguz Saguner (Turkey/Australia)

Previous works

  • VERBA, a short film written and directed by Aidan Büchi (trailer May 2013).
  • Excerpts from the works of Burak Oguz Saguner

The budget

The cost of our project is CHF 30’000. This sum will solely be invested in the professional equipment we need to create an imagery to the height of our expectations. In fact, this project has seduced and convinced many working professionals who have agreed to work for free, some of them coming from Australia just to make it all happen! In our finance plan, Wemakeit and its backers quickly appeared to be an important source, because we believe that crowdfunding is aligned along with our ideals in the matter of community engagement for projects concerning social issues. Every donation you make will build up our budget, and who knows... if we reach the CHF 8’000 before the end of our campaign, your supplementary donations will be saved for the job of postproduction. So, lets target higher than ever! Long live Wemakeit!