«AMANTI» CD recording

by bettinasimon


Support us in producing a thrilling CD recording, showcasing the talent of singer and multi-instrumentalist Bettina Simon!

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AMANTI // Lovers

Let yourself bewitch by the captivating soundscape of our early music ensemble, «nuovo barocco» where song and instruments join each other in a fusion of emotions.

Love, the treasure trove of sensations, dances through each chord and musical vein of our sound. Through this initiative, our ensemble aims to weave together charming melodies that speak to the depths of this, the most ancient human connection.

Through the unique specialisation of Bettina Simon, the art of singing with mastery of the baroque oboe and recorder blend together effortlessly. On this upcoming CD, she aims to elevate the magic of music to new heights and redefine the boundaries of musical possibilities.

«AMANTI» is more than mere baroque music: it’s a tribute to the mixture of emotions residing deep within the heart. Join us on this crowdfunding adventure as we embark on a melodic journey that celebrates the depth and complexity of love in all its forms.

Bettina Simon
Bettina Simon

A unique vision

A singer and multi-instrumentalist is a rare gem in today’s world of classical music, embodying a unique fusion of talent and versatility. The ability to master multiple instruments allows Bettina Simon to explore rich, diverse melodies, while the vocal prowess adds an additional layer of emotion and expression. Through switching effortlessly between instruments, alongside «nuovo barocco» she is thriving to create an enchanting and unique musical experience.

Each member of our ensemble is a virtuoso in their own right. Through the versatility of our music making we are exploring various genres and instrumentations. This recording is definitely not «just another» early music CD. It is an album that puts creativity and vision into a fresh perspective and takes joyous music making one step further!

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Every contribution helps us to make this project possible. Thank you in advance for taking the time to explore our crowdfunding page. We’re excited to share our musical journey with you and hope you’ll find joy in the melodies we create together.

Our needed budget includes:

  • Booking of recording location
  • Rental and transport of instruments
  • Recording
  • Post-production and mastering
  • Advertisement and marketing