Help me fulfill my dream of studying and playing soccer at a University in the United States.


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Concluded on 19/6/2020

This is what it's all about.

Hi, my name is Andre Felippe Figueiredo, I’m 19 years-old and my dream is to go a College in the United States. But to make it I need your help.

My project is special because ...

I play soccer since I was 5 years, so soccer is my passion. Because of it, I received a Scholarship offer from the Missouri Valley College, to play and study for their University. For the first year they offered me a 60% Scholarship and I would have to pay the other 40%. The college has an average annual cost of $37’000, so the 40% would be $14’800. The second year, depending on my grades and my performances on the field, I could have a full scholarship (100%), and that’s my goal.

This is what I need backing for.

My father always supported me in all my decisions, but the truth is, he’s an Uber driver and with the money that he earns, he can’t help me, so I’m on my own now. That amount would help me pay for the first year of college, which includes tuition fees, housing and food.

I wish I could offer you some t-shirts or hoodies from the college but it would be so expensive. I’ll be forever grateful for every one and I hope in the future in some way I can give you back the support.