Basel Life Digital!

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Basel Life Magazine goes digital! Find everything you need to know to make the most of your life in Basel—events, tips, and culture—at the click of a mouse on our new English-language online platform.

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Why «Basel Life Digital»?

Basel and its surrounding area have so much to offer to all residents and newcomers, with museums, theaters, concerts, sports, events, fairs, and festivals for all ages and interests! Basel is also rich in history and cultural traditions, like the carnival or the centuries-old fall fair. But how do you find out about all of this, especially if you don’t speak the language? How do you learn about the ins and outs of daily life in Basel, like public transport, garbage disposal, or cross-border shopping? For 9 years, «Basel Life Magazine»—produced by Expats for Expats—has been your go-to English-language resource for all this and so much more. Unfortunately, our current format is no longer sustainable. The coronavirus pandemic with its constant changes and cancellations has highlighted the limitations of the print format, and we are forced to cease publication of the magazine in its current form.

Introducing «Basel Life Digital»

Rather than stop Basel Life altogether—we want to make it better by going digital! «Basel Life Digital» will offer the same kind of information on events, culture, traditions, and practical tips in an attractive, interactive online format. The advantages are many: you can read it on your mobile device on the go, you can import events directly into your electronic calendar, you can access organizer websites for more information with a simple click, and you can preview events in the coming month. Additionally, events can be updated at short notice. But «Basel Life Digital» will be more than just an events calendar—like the magazine now, we will continue to be your main resource for everything you need to know to make the most of your life in Basel. Past information will remain at your fingertips. No more searching through old copies of the magazine for practical information or outing ideas; you can find it easily on our new digital platform! And best of all—it will be free to use for everyone; no subscription necessary!

What do we need your support for?

To be able to create our new, digital platform and avoid shutting down entirely, we need your support! Over the past 9 years, «Basel Life Magazine» has been brought to you by dedicated Expat volunteers, with all sales and advertising income used to cover production costs. Developing a free online platform that can offer you all the information we have previously provided in the magazine in a user-friendly format, does not come cheap. In the spirit of supporting the local community, we will be developing it in cooperation with the Bürgerspital Basel, a 750-year-old organization that provides essential services to people of old age or with disabilities. With your donation, you can ensure that you and Basel’s entire English-speaking community can make the most of their stay here, how ever long it may be!