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Dear Huggi

Thank you for your comment. We are not really sure if we understand what you want to say. But we know – some of us by personal experience – that homosexuality is not a choice and – thank God – not a religion either.

It’s cynical to compare your experiences as a tourist with the fate of someone who has almost been killed, in the middle of the night, in his house, just because he loves another man. Be aware that O.’s dream is to go back to his village and live his life as a respected herbal doctor without having to fear for his life. Unfortunately, for now, this remains a dream. Nigeria (and a lot of other countries as well) won’t change it’s homophobic views in the near future. O. fled his country and his continent because there was really no other option for him. Nowhere.

But as previously mentioned, we don’t really get your point. Maybe you should get hold of the «menu light» and get to know O.! Talking to him and getting to know his story will for sure clear a lot of your questions about this topic.

Queeramnesty Switzerland provides a lot of useful information too. Have a look at: queeramnesty.ch!

Nadia, Nina, Corinne and Lotte
I wonder (in terms of sustainability), why people need to leave their continent to solve their local issues? Why did someone from the african continent end up in europe? I'm sure, that is not the only option in that situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a Swiss passport, I travelled all continents of this planet (+50 countries, +300 cities) but living in A*** does not make me feel good at all times. After 2 years of intensive travelling I ask myself if I will ever return to S********** because maybe I won’t feel home there anymore. On the other side, because of my skin colour (I’m a white male) I’ll get loads of face saving smiles and have to pay the tourist price everywhere, because I'm white. And that does not make me feel home either.

I fully understand that combining Schism [1] with with the «attribute» gay does not make this conversation any easier.

My take on this is: if you are really serious of what you are doing, than be informed about all available choices and don't make to many assumptions.

Once I’m settled down in A*****, why not talk about «crowdsharing my passport»? If this happens everyday, anywhere on this planet, I don’t need it anymore, once I found my destination. But I'll guess that my fantasy is way much better than the laws to transfer a Swiss passport to someone in need.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schism
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