Thatʼs what is all about:

Booost is a fantastic collective of professional Reggae musicians from entire Switzerland. After 4 great release concerts and 2 radio shows, Booost is now recording the first album containing 15 songs.

all photos by Anne Bichsel – RTS

Why we need your support:

  • We need your support to make our sound as professional as possible and in high quality.
  • Studio, CD pressing, layouts, etc., that needs money and we are very thankful for your support!
  • With your support you take part from the very beginning of this stunning project! 
  • Be a part of it!! Thank you with all our love: Armando, Julien, Andreas, Marc, Reggie, Thomas, Erdzan, Dani, Simon, Pascal, Domi, Jean-Marc und YAD

This is what you get!

Apart of our immense and huge thank you, you will get a few goodies:

  • free signed albums  
  • t-shirts
  • free entries to concerts
  • meet and greet
  • exclusive acoustic concert in your living room