C₂LEAN = Carbon Capture Low Emissions Aviation Network. A smartphone application that identifies on a map the aircraft scheduled without passengers in order to facilitate the purchase of seats.

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C₂LEAN-App (clean-up) is a smartphone application published on Android that allows you to buy seats on private planes or helicopters when they are scheduled for logistics flights, i.e. without passengers. C₂LEAN-App is a map of the world that shows the GPS position of the user but also the real-time position of these aircraft which are all operated by operators (airlines) certified for passenger transport. The user therefore has a panoramic view of all the flights and can easily choose a flight that suits him simply by clicking on it. The purpose of this application is to limit as much as possible «empty» flights which pollute for free.

My project is special because ...

If you have an Android phone, I advise you to download the application to see what it’s about. You can browse the map without creating an account; but to access all the functionalities, you will need to create an account. This is of course free. You will see right away that it is a very simple application to use: a map on which you choose a plane; my phone number if you want to book it. There is a «camera» button that allows you to take photos from the app and post them on the map. « What’s the point ? » you will say to me… it is a function inherited from older versions that I still hesitate to remove. I would like to give users the opportunity to communicate on each flight by installing an Instagram-like messenger that would allow them to exchange opinions on flights, make comments and even coordinate themselves to buy the flight as a group. In my opinion, this is where the «magic sauce» will be which will give the application its unique character, especially since the airlines will also be able to see the flights that have the most success and adapt their prices accordingly. Once this messaging system is installed, I will move to the «marketplace» functionality so that seats can be reserved directly from the application. Finally, I would like to adapt the «camera» function: by pressing a button, the user will be offered the possibility to «plant» a virtual tree on the map, at his current location. This tree will be paid for and the money raised will go to the purchase of the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. The service will be purchased from a company specializing in this kind of know-how.

This is what I need backing for.

Creation of a hybrid Android and iOS version = 1000 CHF Creation of a social network within the app = 5000 CHF Creation of a marketplace = 2500 CHF Transformation of the «camera» button into a «tree» button that will allow users to plant virtual trees = 2500 CHF