Support the young and local artists with CCALAB and receive exclusive apparel !

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Concluded on 29/3/2023

Few words on CCALAB

CCALAB is a new Swiss clothing brand that respects the values ​​and issues that surround us. We aim to create a community around fashion, design and art in general, promoting the use of sustainable materials and supporting local artists. We bring together the talents of the region around textiles so that artists and enthusiasts can meet and share their experiences and know-how. To achieve this goal, we have focused on promoting young local artists on textiles using sustainable materials. We strive to provide support for their early career by providing them with visibility, contacts and advice, while taking care to preserve the environment.

Ps: CCALAB is an acronym for: «Comme ça a l’air bien», which means «That looks good»

And the artist?

In addition to providing quality and durable textiles, we donate a fair contribution to the designers participating in our program. We encourage them and participate in their journey to help them build a place and a career in the industry. Our first collaboration is with the artist from Lausanne, mr.lkm. Self-taught artist, mr.lkm appreciates the simplicity and the energy that emerge from a combination of irregular and precise lines mixed with solid colors to give birth to a drawing between abstraction and figuration.

A bright future?

We are a young and dynamic duo who like to support the talents of our region, share our knowledge and meet our community while respecting the environment. By coming together around the same thing, we create a unique and lasting community. This crowdfunding will confirm interest in the brand, launch a first European production, register the brand and publish our website. Any surplus from the campaign will serve as funding for the next collection and will allow us to develop the brand, the products and the community! So get ready! Thank you all!