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Who exactly is Charlotte Grace?

This story starts quite simply. Charlotte G. Wacker, singer-songwriter & composer and Keni Arifi, composer-guitarist & producer, meet and team up at KAmusic studio in Montreux (Décal’quai). Nice to meet you, we are the founders of Charlotte Grace.

Our sound is edgy, rich, mirror to the complexity of human emotion and all it’s waiting for is to grab you by the hand to dive in with us.

After two years of hard work as a duo, we asked two talented musicians to join us for this project David Robert, bass player and Lukas Knoepfel, on drums.

These past few months have been busy, April and May are dedicated to recording the album in Montreux KAmusic studio (Décal’quai). After recording, it’s time to mix and master the EP professionally before printing and packaging the CDs (and/or vinyls) so we can release the EP in August-September 2017.

Playing in beautiful places around Suisse romande such as the Usine à Gaz (Nyon), the Café Bélvédère (Fribourg) and our last opening act for the band Groenland (Canada) at the Décal’quai, Montreux, have created fond memories. We’re excited to be booked at bigger venues this summer, including music festivals such as FriAir (Fribourg), Festi’Cheyres (Cheyres) amongst others. All dates we are booked for are visible on our Facebook page!

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How is the money used?

All album pre-sales and other rewards go towards the following production costs:

  • Recording at KAmusic studio
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Album artwork and design
  • CD printing and packaging
  • Creation of website

We plan to record 5 of the following 10 original songs:

  • Out of this World
  • Birth
  • Wise man
  • Wildfires
  • Rivers (of light)
  • Thunder
  • Safe
  • When
  • Inferno
  • Beautiful Inside
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The goodies!

It looks pretty jam-packed right? Have a look at all the goodies we have in store for you! We hope you find something you like, remember you can also donate without receiving a reward if you wish.

All goodies will be released in a period of 2 to 3 months after the end of the crowdfunding. Don’t forget to «give a clic» to the links below (soundcloud, facebook) to listen to our music!

Above all, we want to thank you for your time & trust and congratulate you for supporting local music and culture through our project!


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