Cloud Folk - My new Album

by Simon Borer


My third album is finished and awaits its release on my hard drive. Help me press LPs & CDs and finance my team to carry it out into the world.

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I’ve been making music as LONG TALL JEFFERSON since 2016. Over the last five years I’ve released two studio albums and one live album supporting them with over 300 shows across Europe. CLOUD FOLK is my third album and I want to release it in autumn 2020.


My first two albums I WANT MY HONEY BACK (2016) and LUCKY GUY (2018) were very much indebted to the american folk tradition. On my new album CLOUD FOLK I am combining the art of storytelling with sonic elements borrowed from Cloud Rap, Electronic Music and Dada with sugar icing.

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  • Cloud Folk
    Cloud Folk
  • Lucky Guy
    Lucky Guy
  • I Want My Honey Back
    I Want My Honey Back
  • Lucky Guy CD
    Lucky Guy CD