Please support me to further my coaching skills: I would like to support highly gifted individuals in the future and train Spiral Dynamics Practitioners.

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Concluded on 3/3/2023

This is what it's all about.

As I said, I want to continue my education so that I can turn my hobby into a profession.

I am already a certified CliftonStrengths Coach and Spiral Dynamics Practitioner. I now want to expand my skills.

First, as a neurodiverse person, I want to be able to coach and accompany other neurodiverse people in the best possible way. For this I will do a further education at InterGifted.

In addition, I would like to become certified as a Spiral Dynamics trainer at ValueMatch. I will then be allowed to officially train others to become certified Spiral Dynamics Practitioners.

A word about the tools I already use:

CliftonStrengths© is a personality assessment that does not focus on the negative. The assessment of you is not designed to eliminate weaknesses, but to enhance talents.

Spiral Dynamics® looks at the worldview that is prevalent in a person. Knowing what values drive my actions and those around me allows me to better identify the dynamics in my family, workplace, with friends and in society. This makes change possible.

My project is special because ...

Many people are intellectually, emotionally, imaginatively or existentially gifted. Contrary to popular belief, this does not always manifest itself in greater professional success, but raises its own problems, some of which are major.

Often, highly gifted people have difficulties in finding their way in work and in relationships. I have experienced this myself and would like to support others on their journey. But I want to do this competently because these people are worth it.

One tool that can play an important role here is Spiral Dynamics. It allows to better grasp and understand the worldview of a person and their environment to actively address conflicts.

That’s why I intend to enable other coaches to add this tool to their toolbox by training them.

This is what I need backing for.

The training courses cost money and time. My company doesn’t have the money at the moment. That is why I am dependent on your support.

The training for the Spiral Dynamics Trainer is planned for spring and depends mainly on finding participants for the course.

The course for the specialization as a gifted coach will take place in summer.