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L'histoire de Sakana Kid

Comics, art, and Literature


«Sakana Kid», c’est un projet local et créatif : une collaboration entre une petite maison d’édition, Pépites.Club, une talentueuse autrice fribourgeoise, Camille 'Vamille’ Vallotton, et vous.

95 %
CHF 11’490
25 hours to go
Les éditions Visibles

Literature, Kids / Youth, and Comics


Les éditions Visibles

by Licia Chery | Les éditions visibles

«Les éditions Visibles» is a new independent publishing house that embodies diversity and inclusion, aiming to captivate and educate young readers in a fresh and engaging way.

20 %
CHF 5’169
42 days to go
Print the Store - 3D Print

Technology, Comics, and Games


Print the Store - 3D Print

by Sascha Trautmann

The implementation of an online shop for 3D-printed figures and models, the long-term sale of materials, and the production of prototypes. Custom printing tailored to the end user.