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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Miami. But this may be of interest to you.

Exhibition and Art


Painting is the Foundation for healing Depression in my Life and a Playful way to get in contact with Yourself. I want to share my Story with the World and inspire to start your Self-Love Journey

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29 days to go

Exhibition, Music, and Technology


Studer Revox Museum Zürich

by waVox vintage sounds

Unterstützen Sie den Förderverein Studer Revox Museum in Zürich: Langfristige Erhaltung und Sicherung der Sammlung von Studer Revox Gerätschaften mit öffentlichem Zugang. Besuche auf Anfrage.

30 %
CHF 3’975
9 days to go

Exhibition, art, and Education



by Haus-Press

Help us to set up an open print workshop that is kind to the environment. A home away from home, a place for art, culture, beauty, relaxation and discovery.

70 %
EUR 10’575
17 days to go

Exhibition, Music, and Community


Beat the Silence

by Beat the Silence - Kulturverein für Chancengleicheit

Ein akustisch barrierefreies Konzerterlebnis im Wiener Konzerthaus für Menschen mit und ohne Gehör am 29. September 2023. Unterstütze uns jetzt!