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Golden Festival

Zum dritten Mal findet das Golden Festival vom 19.-21.August 2022 mit einmaligen musikalischen Höhepunkten statt. Lassen Sie sich überraschen!
by nicole, Herrliberg
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
43 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Kids / Youth

Cabaret Musical Theatre

Support our young amateur talents from Zürich area to learn the art of musical theatre and perform in a professional stage production - «Cabaret» - at the renowned Millers Theatre.
by CORPORATE, Zürich
11% funded
CHF 2’830 pledged
21 days to go
Film, Music, and Performing Arts

Help us get to Mars!

Para//e/s is a fictional storyworld. More than 20 people created film, music, dance and paintings with their artistic skills and joy to create. For the next step, this artistic family needs your help!
by MartinaH and Verein Future Arts, Zürich and Vancouver
8% funded
CHF 630 pledged
40 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Literature

Ahoj Festival

Das Ahoj Festival bietet ein breites Kulturangebot an Literatur, Musik und Theaterkunst an, welches von bekannten tschechischen Künstlern Anfangs September 2022 vorgeführt wird.
by Tschechischer Klub Zürich and Cesky klub Zuerich, Zürich and Pfäffikon
43% funded
CHF 1’915 pledged
17 days to go


Travel with our debut album Yuletide from Switzerland to France, Spain, England, and Scotland. A unique sound experience with Celtic music awaits!
by Tír-Ná-Nóg, Arlesheim
12% funded
CHF 1’290 pledged
26 days to go

Samuel Andreyev’s New Album

This project is about deepening a 10-year collaboration between composer Samuel Andreyev and Ensemble Proton Bern and making the results accessible to a wide audience.
by Samuel Andreyev, Bern
45% funded
CHF 4’534 pledged
6 days to go
Music, Community, and Dance

Openair Salsa 2022

Das jährliche Openair Salsa am Bielersee naht. Um dies organisieren zu können und dass wir diesen Sommer zusammen am See tanzen können, brauchen wir deine Unterstützung!
by Tanzschule SIB, Biel
66% funded
CHF 4’678 pledged
3 days to go
Music, Dance, and Education

Swiss Tour 2022

From the ghetto to performing on TV alongside my icons, dancing has been my way out of the streets and my source of joy. Today, thanks to you, I have the chance to tour Switzerland. It's lifechanging.
by Oziano Oriaku, Fribourg and Lagos
60% funded
CHF 3’020 pledged
24 days to go
Music, Festival, and Environment


Kleines, kostenloses Festival im Wald, das sich selbst mit Energie versorgt (Fahrräder zur Stromerzeugung) und keinen Abfall produziert. Vom 5. bis 7. August werden Konzerte, Märchen und Workshops für
by Association FestiWald, Villars-sur-Glâne
21% funded
CHF 1’515 pledged
15 days to go
Music, Festival, and Kids / Youth


Scratchiatella est un mini festival itinérant (Neuchâtel et Colombier) qui met en avant le Djing à travers des ateliers et des démonstrations de DJ suisses et internationaux.
by Simon Castro, Neuchâtel and Saint Blaise
0% funded
CHF 140 pledged
29 days to go
Music and Performing Arts


It's a tragicomic theatre production that stands on the border of physical theatre and circus arts. The goal is to create an immersive FANTASY world on stage for the family audiences.
by Associazione BLU-SELYODKA, Salgesch, Locarno, and Lugano
33% funded
CHF 2’020 pledged
23 days to go
Music and Kids / Youth

2 Livrets-CDs pour enfant

Soutenez-moi à la réalisation d’un livret-CD, chansons et histoire de «Les Aventures d’Arthur» et des nouvelles illustrations de «Le Cadeau de Léonie».
by John Michet, Coffrane
59% funded
CHF 5’900 pledged
33 days to go