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Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Art

Zirkus Neuland

Der Zirkus Neuland ist ein Projekt der Zirkusschule Basel. Welches den ältesten Abgängern*innen des Zirkus Rägeboge ermöglicht noch einmal selbständig ein Abendfüllendes Programm zu entwickeln.
by Vinzent Gisi, Basel
64% funded
CHF 3’565 pledged
28 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Dance

V. comme Vian

C'est un vibrant hommage à Boris Vian, une comédie musicale interprétée par 14 jeunes accompagnés par 6 pros, un fil rouge entre les années 50 et aujourd'hui qui fait la part belle à la jeunesse.
by Case-Départ, Nyon
81% funded
CHF 3’260 pledged
24 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Art

Welcome Yvonne 2700 !

L'Ensemble Batida et l'Ensemble Caravelle s'associent pour acheter un vibraphone de concert ! Soutenez-nous en nous aidant à investir dans cet instrument que nous utilisons dans tous nos projets.
by Batida-Caravelle, Geneva
28% funded
CHF 1’440 pledged
31 days to go
Community, Performing arts, and Art

For Our Geneva Sheroe

Geneva-based queer, feminist activist, Nina Lebrun, lost her substitute teaching job because she is a visible activist. She was harassed by students but she didn't shut up + take it. Help support her.
by The Inner Ear Events and Nina Nana, Geneva
11% funded
CHF 330 pledged
3 days to go
Design, Performing arts, and Festival

performance 3 catastrophes

3CATASTROPHES I HAPPILY SURVIVED,an interactive design performance based in 3 disaster events I Lived to tell. Its irony & machinery .Award winning show hoping to present it in Prague Quadrennial 2019
by OKUBO STUDIO / Rodo Guadarrama, Prague
7% funded
CHF 500 pledged
26 days to go
Performing Arts

Jubiläum #5

Das Theater am Akademischen Gymnasium Wien feiert im Herbst 2019 sein fünfjähriges Bestehen. Das Stück für Produktion #5 bleibt vorerst noch ein Geheimnis...
by Theater am Akademischen Gymnasium Wien, Vienna
81% funded
EUR 4’050 pledged
10 days to go
Community, Performing arts, and Art

Mind the Gap – Art outreach

Mind the Gap is a new outreach programme by PUC collective that helps building a strong and sustainable dialogue between society and arts.
by puccollective, Vienna
12% funded
EUR 180 pledged
24 days to go