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Science, Community, and Education

ReSeq: Reuse DNA Sequencers

We want to reuse older DNA sequencers and turn them into advanced instruments for more general scientific research. Help us develop software so everyone can repurpose and avoid wasting these machines.
by kaspar, bengtsjolen, and jmarkham, Lucerne
52% funded
CHF 2’608 pledged
14 days to go
Science, tourism, and Environment

Verhinderung Massentourismus

Wir sind acht Studenten, die Tourismus an der HTW Chur studieren. Anfang Juni werden wir uns auf den Azoren mit dem Forschungsthema «Verhinderung von Massentourismus» auseinandersetzen.
by Studyweek Azoren, Chur
78% funded
CHF 1’574 pledged
8 days to go
Science, tourism, and Education

Study Week Gdansk 2019

Wir sind 8 Tourismus-Studentinnen der HTW Chur und reisen für ein Studienprojekt in den Norden Polens. Für jede Unterstützung unserer Forschungsreise nach Danzig sind wir äusserst dankbar!
by StudyWeekGdansk, Chur
85% funded
CHF 1’710 pledged
27 days to go
Science and Technology

Fly to Space with me in 2019

Allow Boris Otter, 49 years old, to launch his Space Project on 12.04.2019, which is to go to Space in 2019 and to share it by offering the chance to 5 Space Tourists to join him inside the Spaceship.
by, Geneva
152% funded
CHF 15’230 pledged
2 days to go
Science, Film, and Festival

Your own TV sitcom

The turbulent adventures of the ancient Roman bar owner Barrelius, his Germanic family, as well as some of the house slaves, regulars and legionnaires – INCLUDING YOU.
by Kurt FRANK, Vienna
73% funded
EUR 1’846 pledged
8 days to go
Science, tourism, and Education

Studyweek Aserbaidschan 2019

Wir sind eine Gruppe von 8 Tourismusstudenten/-innen der HTW Chur, die für ein Studienprojekt die touristischen Möglichkeiten Bakus entdecken möchten. Über jede Unterstützung sind wir sehr dankbar!
by Studyweek Aserbaidschan, Baku and Chur
76% funded
CHF 1’910 pledged
11 days to go
Science, Technology, and Education

Congolese space rocket

Help us support Congolese engineer Jean-Patrice Keka to build the Troposphere 6 rocket, the first African rocket bound for space! This time, we're going to make it!
by Christian Denisart, Jean-Patrice Keka, and Daniel Wyss, Kinshasa and Lausanne
19% funded
CHF 3’945 pledged
35 days to go