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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Camporeale. But this may be of interest to you.

Mask is freedom

Pierangelo Summa, masks creator, puppeteer and theatre director, left us a hundred Commedia dell’Arte’s masks' moulds. Help us save them !
by RS, Como
125% funded
EUR 7’540 pledged
29 hours to go
Food and Education

Ramen autentici in Ticino

Aiutatemi a realizzare il sogno di una vita...Andare in Giappone per il mio compleanno a perfezionare dai veri maestri del Ramen la tecnica perfetta, da riportare e condividere in Ticino al rientro
by David & Monia, Lugano
33% funded
CHF 660 pledged
13 days to go

Short film «Appearance»

We want to produce a new short film «Appearance». The latest short film, «Like the Shadow in the Dark,» ran 26min, has won many awards at several international festivals.
by Independent Movie Productions, Lugano
2% funded
CHF 120 pledged
27 days to go
Food and Art

Sm'Art Food

The Sm’art food wants to be a new concept of business activity, with the purpose to combine the food world with the artistic ones, by stimulating and encouraging the artistic creativity of customers.
by Salvatore, Locarno
1% funded
CHF 125 pledged
39 days to go
Community and Education

Naturopathe pour animaux

Je souhaite entreprendre une formation de naturopathe pour animaux et ainsi réaliser mon rêve en ouvrant mon propre cabinet.
by Maude, Saxon
25% funded
CHF 1’270 pledged
35 days to go

Dúo Artemisa's second album

After 5 years traveling with their music all arrownd the world, Dúo Artemisa wants to celebrate this adventure recording their NEW ALBUM «Acariciando la tierra». And togheter, we can make it happen !
by Dúo Artemisa, Sion
17% funded
EUR 887 pledged
40 days to go

Little Element – Debüt Album

Es ist soweit ... mein Debüt Album «Fire» mit soll im März 2020 eure Herzen und die Welt erreichen. Nur mit eurer Unterstützung schaffe ich es dieses Projekt zum fliegen zu bringen.
by Little Element, Innsbruck
57% funded
EUR 1’140 pledged
27 days to go
Environment and Education

Bees make more than honey

Bees are in danger. The sale of honey does not cover the cost and labor of the beekeepers, who end up working for free. It is possible for the beekeeper to diversify by harvesting other bee products
by Bees more than honey for beekeepers, Gryon
2% funded
CHF 690 pledged
19 days to go
Film and Sport

Projet de film - Freeride

Réalisation d’un moyen métrage de freeski mêlant le freeride, le backcountry, et encore plus d’aspect du freeride comme le partage et les voyages.
by Shred Production, Morgins
15% funded
CHF 470 pledged
39 days to go
Technology, Environment, and Education

Bachelorarbeit: E-Motorrad

Im Rahmen der anstehenden Bachelorarbeit an der NTB(FHO), werden mein Mitstudent und ich ein Motorrad auf E-Antrieb umbauen wollen.
Sponsoren sprangen nicht auf die Idee an, also versuchen wir es so.
by Alessio Ambrosi, St. Gallen and Buchs
24% funded
CHF 3’706 pledged
3 days to go
Publishing, Community, and Kids / Youth

Himmelblau – das Kinderbuch

Ella lebt in einem Dorf, in dem sich alles ums Radfahren dreht. Nur ihr Rad hat einen Defekt. «Himmelblau» ist eine Geschichte über Toleranz, Anerkennung und Inklusion – ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger.
by HIMMELBLAU – Verein zur Förderung von Inklusion, Vienna and Damüls
142% funded
EUR 14’215 pledged
23 days to go
Startup and Technology

Rimindme app

RimindMe est une application tout en un ! Oubliez vos applications de notes, de listes et autres rappels. Elle coordonne entièrement votre emploi du temps personnel et professionnel.
by Rimindme, Montreux
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
1 hour to go