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Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Crowd Container #4

Diese Passata aus alten Tomatensorten gibt's nur im Crowd Container! Die Kooperative Valdibella hat sie extra für euch produziert – 100% fair und transparent vom Feld auf deinen Teller.
by Crowd Container, Zürich, Camporeale, and Syracuse
63% funded
CHF 31’802 pledged
19 days to go
Publishing, Journalism, and Literature

Revue La cinquième saison

La cinquième saison est une revue littéraire. Nous publions de la création et de la critique littéraire en Suisse romande.
by Association des amis de la 5ème saison, Vevey, Lausanne, and Geneva
72% funded
CHF 10’200 pledged
31 days to go
Film, Music, and Performing Arts


In LAMPEDAME, authentic meets bizarre, the spirit of time meets the village square. Help to realize a piece of surreal outdoor theatre. Bring us to light!
by Stradini Theater, Ins
63% funded
CHF 14’923 pledged
3 days to go
Design, Community, and Technology

NOCLOCK – The Hackable Watch

A DIY watch kit that breaks the rules of our traditional watch industry as it allows you to design an infinite number of models that are completely adapted to your capacities and to your dreams.
by NOCLOCK, Biel/Bienne
59% funded
CHF 11’919 pledged
21 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Design

The Nice Magazine

Insights into contemporary urban Africa through visual and written contributions by up-and-coming young African talents
by Klaym, Flurina & Franziska, and Rahel, Abidjan and Zürich
54% funded
CHF 13’500 pledged
24 days to go

Monument : EP et clip vidéo

Le groupe suisse Monument vient d’enregistrer 3 morceaux en studio. 27 minutes de musique à mettre sur un vinyle ! Votre aide nous sera aussi précieuse pour la réalisation d'un clip video.
by Monument, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains
75% funded
CHF 4’520 pledged
10 days to go

Debutalbum TNISY

Marco Naef, Bassist der eingegangenen Basler Rockband Navel, wird mit seinem Soloprojekt «The Night Is Still Young» sein erstes Album in einer limitierten Vinyl-Edition von 500 Stück veröffentlichen.
by The Night Is Still Young, Basel
82% funded
CHF 10’263 pledged
13 days to go

Ciao Bashiru

This documentary follows Bashiru, as he escapes the war in Libya to become a farmer in Northern Italy. After 5 years of filming, the movie is now at the post-production stage. We’re almost there!
by Francesca Quercia, Théo Charamond et Julien Grindat, Bern
90% funded
EUR 13’625 pledged
10 days to go
Exhibition, Comics, and Art

The Maître Original

Lausanne-based artist Nicolas Bamert and graphic designer Roxane Renard are tremendously happy to celebrate with you the release of their comic book, 10 years after the creation of the Original world.
by originalartiste, Lausanne
60% funded
CHF 9’650 pledged
14 days to go
Food, Startup, and Community

Okapi Café

We love coffee! Having established our artisanal coffee roastery in 2016, Okapi Coffee needs your help to take the next step and open our very own coffee shop in the centre of Neuchâtel.
by Okapi Coffee, Neuchâtel
51% funded
CHF 18’160 pledged
16 days to go
Fashion, Fair Trade, and Community

Social Fabric «Better Way»

We employ refugees in Switzerland, and we work together with three social enterprises internationally. Help us to build communities through textiles by supporting our campaign.
by Social Fabric, Zürich
53% funded
CHF 10’640 pledged
24 days to go
Community and Performing Arts


People with autism are different. ¡!WindspeedF400 is a multidisciplinary piece about being different, the confrontation with one's own patterns of behavior, affiliation and acceptance.
by Cynthia G, Bern
78% funded
CHF 4’717 pledged
10 days to go