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Food, agriculture, and Technology


Caulys Home Garden – V2

by Grégoire Gentile - Caulys

Caulys allows you to produce fresh, local produce all year round, without any effort, at the best price. Make your indoor vegetable garden profitable in less than 2 months!

CHF 4’993
49 %
38 hours to go

Community, Technology, and Education


The abo!

by fablabneuch

The FabLab-Neuch is becoming more and more accessible! The Abo! is a (very) affordable subscription that offers (almost) unlimited access to the FabLab and its various fabrication tools.

CHF 6’300
39 %
14 days to go

Startup, Technology, and Environment


mybuxi needs more vehicles to meet the increasing demand for our services. We want to be able to transport even more people in the countryside safely and cleanly soon.

CHF 984
1 %
5 days to go

Community and Technology

Le Locle

Micro Ferme d'impression 3D

by JaluCentre and François Risch

Contribuez à mettre en route dans nos locaux une activité socio-économique de fabrication en 3D d’objets multiples pour l’art, l’enfance, la technique et le loisir, fraisage 3 axes et gravage laser.

CHF 152
3 %
11 days to go

Food, Community, and Technology


by Geoffrey

Discover the secrets to the best Swiss Wines, revealed by our team of Wine Professionals. Unearth real stories of independent winemakers. Experience unique top-rated wines, delivered to your home!

CHF 100
1 %
5 days to go

Startup, art, and Technology


Manufacture responsable

by Wire Art Switzerland, Sylvie Villa, and Mark Miehlbradt

Nous offrons une seconde vie, une fin de carrière artistique, à des machines industrielles de soudage. Découvrez nos premières collaborations «by Wire Art», aidez-nous à acquérir une nouvelle machine.