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Startup, agriculture, and Community

Une garderie canine CaniPlus

Caniplus innove avec le souhait d'ouvrir prochainement d’une garderie canine avec un bus qui viendra directement chercher et ramener votre chien à domicile en toute sécurité !
by CaniPlus, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Nyon
35% funded
CHF 8’860 pledged
16 hours to go
Startup, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Le Grenier

Le nouveau projet de la Coopérative de la Brouette dont le but est d'approvisionner les restaurants scolaires, crèches, EMS en produits de saison et locaux et de proposer des paniers aux entreprises.
by Le Grenier, Lausanne
16% funded
CHF 4’050 pledged
35 days to go
Film, agriculture, and Education

Seeds for the Future

A documentary about Rudolf Steiner and the fruits of his ideas. An independent project filmed in Ticino, Switzerland, focusing on the fields of study where Steiner's ideas have been most fruitful.
by susanadestavares and GabrieleLenzi, Lugano, Locarno, and Alto Malcantone
18% funded
CHF 1’095 pledged
33 days to go
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

Permaculture? Portugal!

To mitigate climate change, sustainable agriculture and lifestyles are needed. Support us in buying a plot and we will give you self-found places – far away from the tourism.
by Kevin Buff and Ursula Frick, São Marcos da Serra and Urnäsch
2% funded
CHF 998 pledged
24 days to go
Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Sauvetage d'animaux

Financement d'une caméra thermique pour un drone dans le but de sauver des animaux
by Zabroc, Morges
0% funded
CHF 55 pledged
7 days to go