Juan Carlos Gordillo – Collection 2016

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and obviously read my project.


Again a crowdfunding?

Good question … It is true that 2015 was wonderful for me. All who have supported my idea know that I made a great collection and was able to present these in Vienna on a professional platform. Vienna was a good lesson for me!

If I want to live by the fashion, then it is not enough to participate only once at an event. I learned this from conversations with established fashion designers. Their pieces of advice I will implement and be present in Vienna again this year.

In order to achieve this, it needs help, support, protectorate or patrons, investors etc.; Of the foregoing, I have unfortunately nothing found. But with this crowdfunding I will reach the goal!

With my «philosophy», the redesign of resource, I speak to an ever wider audience. And I can live out my creativity, support the environment and create unique pieces.

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You give me; I surprise you with ....

My rewards will surprise You! All are personally handmade by me and therefore unique. I don’t want to strain to determine your curiosity. Thats why you’ll find here few pictures and sketches of the designs of my rewards.

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