The project

During 2014, we worked on the composition and arrangement of new songs for the design of an album. Now, the titles are ready and we can go into the studio. We are going to work with the RecStudio directed by Serge Morattel in Geneva. It is a sound engineer we know very well and his work fits perfectly with our style and our desires.

Who we are?

Colossus Fall is formed by:

  •     David Moro (guitar)
  •     Phil Suarez (guitar)
  •     Bastien C. Anthony (drums)
  •     Albert Serrano (bass)
  •     Mateo «El Nabo» (vocals)

We have already released a 5-track EP «Sempervirens» in 2012, a 2 tracks split in 2013 and have recently released a single entitled «Kabuki» which is a preview of what will our future album sound like.

The Rewards:

Times are hard for musicians, there are many good bands in Switzerland and only few grants to get money. Fortunately, there is now such structures as wemakeit to help us fund our project (including recording, pressing and new promotional merchandising - music video, t-shirts, underwear, pins, etc...).

We offer relatively conventional rewards and other more original. The goal is to offer you something or benefit in exchange for some money... and especially to make our dream come true, thanks to you!