We take care of the holiday house the Bevano and aim to share our values like sharing, friendship, creativity, life in a group. Our next project is to rebuilt the chimney.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 23/10/2017

Who are we?

The cooperative of the Bevano was founded in 1989 by a youth group with the desire of promoting life in groups, creativity and sharing. Since almost thirty years family, friends, old and young have been enjoying spending time in this house. Camp were organized every year by different Swiss organisations like MJSR, foster homes, parishes… and everyone got attached to this house and the values that are being shared there. For the past two years a younger generation took the lead for management of the house. The Bevano is a house for renting located in the region of the Marches, Italy. Situated in-between small hills and few kilometres away from the see it can welcome up to 18 people. The big garden is perfect for outdoor activities.

  • La nouvelle génération
    La nouvelle génération
  • Welcome to the Bevano
    Welcome to the Bevano

Why this project?

As the house is pretty old there is a lot of little parts that need to be renovated: painting, gardening, some walls or the roof of the terrace. Last year we noticed a leak in the chimney which means that the smoke escape through crake directly in a dormitory. The house cannot be heated anymore without turning the dorm into a smoking room, which is a problem from September to May when the weather gets colder. With these repairs we are hoping for better energy efficiency.

  • The old chimney
    The old chimney
  • The Bevano
    The Bevano
  • Honey for 45.-
    Honey for 45.-
  • Mobile for 88.-
    Mobile for 88.-

The project

Italian specialists suggest to insert a wood stove in the actual binnacle and to tube the chimney. For this kind of bigger renovation the cooperative would need a particular financial support. For a long term theses modification would mean higher comfort in general and wood economy. The house could also be rented for longer periods during the colder seasons. After many discussions and propositions with the comity we decided to ask «you» to help us making this project real.

The futur project
The futur project