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This is what it's all about.

It has been a dream of mine to start a safe, educational, and fun centre for artists from around the world, no matter their age, race, sexuality. I am on my way to purchase a wonderful property in France and soon after all will become reality. I have many years of experiences running businesses around and finally, the time has come for another dream to come true! There is nothing better to spend a wonderful time in the countryside, surrounded by artistic people, doing all kind of activities. Long nights around the fire, and fresh yoga mornings. Singing, dancing, playing different instruments, painting…No matter, what You wish is You will have the freedom to do it. A great escape from our busy lives.

My project is special because ...

I am an academic musician with 25 years experience(singer, dancer, play different instruments). I had a chance to work with the best in Europe. Had a wonderful carrier and now would love to give something back to our society. I had my own company from the age of 8. Worked all my life and never give up on my ideas no matter how hard it gets. Over the years it gets easier no matter what you do..through all your connections, experiences and self-driving will! (give me a message if You like to receive back my home cooking channel).

This is what I need backing for.

I would love to find people, who are not only there financially but involved in many ways. More people- more ideas. I am very well connected with the art society. Most of my friends are top artists from around the world. I am here to connect with different people, create new exciting projects together, where we all can achieve new heights in our life! I run my life with the idea that «Impossible things are happening every day». Miracles can happen only when we take the destiny in our own hands! I am full of new ideas! Looking forward to hearing from all of You! Life is to short to be shy..so do get in touch with me if You are curious. Stay Positive, healthy and Blessed!