Dance as a resourceful and social tool to transform memories and experiences in challenging times - a creative lab resulting in a dance performance and shared with a wide audience across Lebanon.

CHF 10’050

100% of CHF 10’000

100 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

70 backers

Successfully concluded on 16/2/2023


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  • We need dance, creativity, art and love in Lebanon and beyond. Thank you to all involved, Best wishes for a beautiful project!

    Tom Young on 11/2/2023 22:00

  • We like your project – this is why we’ve added it to our «We Fancy» category! For the next couple of days it will appear on the front page and also in the «Recommended» section.
    We’d say you can be proud of yourselves and tell everyone about it! Publish an update, make a tweet or write a post!

    Team wemakeit on 30/1/2023 15:23

  • ein wunderbares Projekt!

    Marco Olgiati on 27/1/2023 19:03

  • Viel erfolg liebe Simea <3 x M

    Maartje on 18/1/2023 17:19

  • Because art is life

    Rasha on 18/1/2023 15:16

  • Kulturelle Teilhabe ist ein Menschenrecht- dafür setzte ich mich ein und unterstütze dich Simea in deinem Vorhaben.

    Lucía Baumgartner on 18/1/2023 10:23

  • Proud of you LAL❤️

    Myriam on 17/1/2023 15:46

  • We need more loving, laughing, and dancing <3

    Jones on 13/1/2023 16:03

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